Help Restore 2.4ghz WIFI Galaxy S III

I think somehow I accidentley set my phone to only receive 5 ghz wifi INSTEAD of 2.4ghz and now I can't find any setting to restore the 2.4 ghz capability....

Anyone have a suggestion...?

Thanks much!:thinking::thinking:

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If you go into Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi > 3 Vertical Dots Bottom Right > Advanced > Wi-Fi Frequency Band > Auto OR 2.4 GHz Only

That should fix the issue.


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Thanks for the reply, but I do not have the menu options your showing...( think I USED to have those options, but no longer there)...

I'm using V.4.1.1, and when I go to "wireless and network" settings, I have "Wi-Fi", when I choose that, I have "add wifi network" and at the bottom I have to buttons, "scan" and "Wi-Fi direct", neither of which allow me to choose the band... VERY FRUSTRATING...

There ARE 3 dots and a "more settings" button in the main settings menu, however there is NOT a choice for Auto OR 2.4 GHz Only"... just "airplane mode, mobile networks, tethering, roaming, vpn, NFC, sbeam"...etc....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Again, thanks for your help!!!