Root Restore a backup starting with stock recovery?


Summary: I have a Droid, and just inherited a second droid with a busted digitizer. I want to take the SD card out of my own droid and somehow restore my latest backup to the second one.

The problem is, it's running stock recovery. I can't just boot into the stock ROM and install ROM Manager, because the digitizer is broken and I can't even activate (or bypass activation) of the phone.

If I can somehow flash clockwork (or any recover besides stock) and do a recovery, I can setup my current phone to not have a lock screen, and to put all the apps I need on the desktop, which would let me use the Dpad to launch them.

So can anybody think of a way to flash clockwork or a restore a backup using maybe or something? THe only way I know how is through ROM Manager.



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You would have to root using rsd lite 4.6 if you want to flash an alternate recovery without using ROM Manager.

Any attempt to flash a custom rom or recovery from stock recovery will result in a signature error.