Root Restore clockworkmod backup from pc?


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Hi all.
I've attempted to update my Nexus 4 from Cyanogenmod 10.1.x to stock Android 4.4, and I don't like the result. I want to go back.

If there's a better place for Clockworkmod-specific queries, please let me know.

I have made a comp
lete clockworkmod backup and moved the file to my pc via CWM'-s mini web server (the registered version). But what I can't figure out is:
>> How do I move a CWM backup zip file BACK to the device, so that CWM will restore it? <<

I have tried to put the zip file at "/storage/legacy/emulated/clockworkmod/backups", and ROM Manager then lists it in its restore menu -- but tells me "ROM Manager is unable to open this file. Please remove any spaces from your file and folder path. Or run it manually via Clockworkmod Recovery."

When I reboot into recovery, there are no backups to restore.

The zip file is named "" ... but not originally. I created the file as "2013-12-09 b4" (with spaces instead of underscores) and that was accepted. It's sad if CWM "forgets" to check that the file name is valid for restore! :(

I have other (older) backups that I could try, but I really want to use this latest one.



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Nope, didn't work.

Nevermind though, I'm now trying Cyanogenmod 11 (M1) with Android 4.4. I'll have to reinstall all my apps in their newest versions (I'd hoped to be able to use an old version of Maps, 'cuz it's been deteriorating) but that'll do.