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Restore original bootloader with S-ON

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pedrobogus, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. pedrobogus

    pedrobogus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,
    I would like to restore my original bootloader on my Desire. I have two - one purely stock, and one that I rooted and S-OFF with unrevoked. The one with S-OFF (security flag off) needs some warranty work so I need to set S-ON. I have the RUU for US Cellular and can get anything I may need for the working phone. Please help! I am willing to try pretty much anything to get it going.

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  2. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    What rom is on there now? is a a HTC sense rom?

    If so, connect phone to PC in HTC Sync mode and run teh ruu from your PC.

  3. EddyOS

    EddyOS Android Expert

    If this is the same guy that posted on XDA the RUU (apparently) doesn't return the HBOOT back to S-ON
  4. pedrobogus

    pedrobogus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I did run the RUU and the bootloader stayed the same. It is the custom clockwork mod recovery. Does it have anything to do with the data on the SD card? I can format it and try again.
  5. EddyOS

    EddyOS Android Expert

    No, seems CDMA phones once unlocked are exactly that. You'll either have to wait on the unrEVOked team to re-enable S-ON or just send it as it is
  6. pedrobogus

    pedrobogus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That sucks for me. Just to be sure - even flashing the recovery.img that I extracted from the RUU won't do it? I am assuming it will not because I would bet the RUU already did that. Thanks for the replies and I believe you, I just want to cover my bases.
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Well the bootloader and the recovery are 2 different things. With it being s-off, you possibly can put a standard recovery back on somehow, but your hboot will still be s-off.

    They'd notice the hboot before they noticed the recovery anyway
  8. pedrobogus

    pedrobogus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Got it now. I was equating recovery = hboot. The rom.zip contained hboot_8x50_1.06.0000.img as well. Is there a way via abd to flash the hboot to the one in the RUU without S-OFF?
  9. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    [UTILITY] Android Flasher(Recovery,splash1,Radio,HBOOT,bootanim)[V1.6.1](15/01/11) - xda-developers

    The above utility has now got a hboot flasher. It should be able to flash recovery and hboot.

    I can't guarantee it works I have only ever flashed recovery and splash using it.

    You coudl try it at your own risk.

    if you do though, you would have to flash recovery first. You need s-off to use this and replacing the hboot will be s-on so you wont be able to flash recovery at all if you flash hboot first.

    If you do risk it, would be interested to find out if it worked for you.
  10. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Thing is though s-off for gsm requires custom hboot which may be why unrevoked doesn't s-off gsm.

    Cdma security flag may be different and doesn't require custom hboot to s-off so maybe you haven't got a custom hboot. If that is the case, flashing new hboot won't help

    Need to find out how unrevoked s-offs cdma
  11. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    cant he just flash a cdma radio that doesnt support s-off as its in the nvram
    or cant you re run unrevoked and untick disable security on phone
  12. pedrobogus

    pedrobogus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    On the unrevoked site - it says that S-ON is coming soon for the CDMA Desire. I tweeted to the @unrevoked team asking for help but I am not sure that will get me anywhere. Does anyone know if there is an official forum for unrevoked? Thanks for all these suggestions! I am going to keep trying until I find some answer. BTW, this is by far the most active Desire forum I have found. It is great.
  13. GavinRoskamp

    GavinRoskamp Lurker

    I'm just gonna +1 this. I had attempted to update to 2.2 today on my rooted 2.1, and HBoot stuff was keeping it from going on with the process. Eventually, I'm pretty sure I accidentally wiped Android off of it entirely, because I'm just left with HBoot and the recovery options.

    If anyone can manage to get some sort of image to flash back to original stuff and all, PLEASE share. Would really not like to have to explain to the U.S. Cellular lady about why my phone just has little Androids on skateboards at the bottom of the screen!
  14. pedrobogus

    pedrobogus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I flashed the Alltel RUU that downgraded my radio to a version that unrevoked-forever-son.zip is compatible with. I attempted to run the update from within recovery and it gracefully told me my device was not supported. So I am on to waiting for unrevoked to add s-on support for the Desire.
  15. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    I take it flashing the hboot with the flash utility didn't change anything?!
  16. pedrobogus

    pedrobogus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No, it did nothing to the S-OFF flag. Oh well, I guess I learned a lesson. Thanks for all your help!
    SUroot likes this.
  17. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Ok thanks for the update. At least we know now, so we wont suggest it in future.

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