Help Restoring/backing up memos after update


hello, im very new to the android platform as this is my partners phone, i897 captivate,

the phone kept dropping out its microphone during calls, so went to reset and update the firmware first, on the samsung site it only offers kies lite or mini which does not support any backup, and the regular versions of kies do not work, so contacts where backed up and i dumped the entire contents of the internal and external sd cards to my pc before updating the firmware from 2.1 to 2.2 then 2.3 then performing a reset,

my question is there was alot of memos 400+ which i was unable to find a way to backup, is there any way i can restore these from the contents of the sd card dumps? as i assume there is no chance to get them from the phone now.

any help would be greatly appreciated


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It seems your memos are lost, next time make sure you verify your backups before proceeding with the updates.

One great app for backup and restaure:
Clickfree Mobile Backup :

From Android Authority: Clickfree Backup for backing up phone data to SD card or cloud storage
Main Features

Most of Clickfree Backup’s features are dedicated to the purpose of securing your important phone content without hassle. The app provides you with two back up options: you can back up your data to your SD card, but if that’s not enough, you can also back up to cloud storage via Dropbox.