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Restoring your Meep after a factory reset

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MeepTablet, Aug 3, 2013.

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    If your Meep has been factory reset, you will notice that you have lost all content (preloaded content as well as downloaded games and apps). The good news is that the content is recoverable in the Meep Store.

    The first step is to re-establish Wifi for the Meep. Because it's been returned to factory state, it will have lost the settings you put in when the Meep was new. You will now need to set things up again as you did when the Meep was new.

    Once you have re-established Wifi, you can use the Meep Store to recover all content. Go into the store and then into 'My Apps' where you will see the list of items. On top are all downloaded apps and by scrolling halfway down, you will see 'Preloaded Content' which can be recovered in one step.

    For items downloaded through GooglePlay, you will need to re-associate your Gmail account and then you will be able to re-download all items:

    After the factory reset, the MEEP! is not associated anymore to the Gmail account. That's why the games can't be downloaded again from Google Play, unless one associates again the MEEP! to the Gmail Account.
    To do so, open Google Play on the MEEP! from the Parent Portal (clicking on "Open Google Play on MEEP!" button) and add a Google Account again on the MEEP! You can use the same Gmail account as previously used so that you will be able to re-install all your Google Play Games (click on "Existing" instead of "New" when asked to Add a Google Account on the MEEP!).
    Once associated with the Gmail account again, you will be able to re-install all his games and apps from Google Play in 2 ways:
    . By opening Google Play on his MEEP! and clicking on the Downloaded items page then clicking on All to see all the apps that have been previously download using this Gmail account.
    . On Google Play page from PC/Mac, going into the My Android App page. A new Device would have been added to the account (check the date of registration to double confirm). Then under "Other apps in my library" you can see all the apps that have been previously download using this Gmail account and can re-install the ones that that you want.

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