Help Restricted (second) user can´t login after device reboot


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this concerns the following device:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500)
One UI Core-Version 3.1
Android Version 11

and the following scenario:
one of my users is tasked with entering data into a website using the Galaxy Tab as an input device - she should not be able to do anything else with the device. So I´ve created a second, restricted user which can only use the Chrome browser.

First tests showed all working as intended until I rebooted the device - now the restricted user can´t log in if the main user hasn´t logged in first: on the lockscreen the second user is greyed out until the main user has logged in.

Now the question:
How do I allow the restricted user to login without an Admin logging in first?

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in a desperate attempt to get an answer I reached out to the (german) Samsung support (since I received no answer, neither here nor in the german forum where I originally posted the question:
(Site address removed. Address not needed)
I will post the german original answer here as a quote, translation will be written below.
Here is what the support wrote me:
Tatsächlich ist nach einem Neustart die Nutzung des eingeschränkten Nutzer erst möglich, wenn der Hauptnutzer alles entsperrt hat. Wenn das Gerät im Stand-By ist, dann kann der andere Nutzer direkt darauf zugreifen, jedoch nicht nach einem Neustart. Das kann im System auch nicht geändert werden
In fact, after a restart, the restricted user can only use it once the main user has unlocked everything. If the device is in stand-by, the other user can access it directly, but not after a restart. This cannot be changed in the system either

When I asked whether this behaviour is Android (11) specific or an addition by Samsung, the answer was:
Das ist auf jeden Fall bei Samsung immer der Fall, ob es aber komplett Android-spezifisch ist, kann ich dir nicht sagen.
This is definitely always the case with Samsung, but I cannot tell you whether it is completely Android-specific.


Could someone check whether this is Samsung specific or is actually happening on all Android-tablets?
According to, the function "Restricted Profile" in Android is only available on Tablets and TVs.

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