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Restrictions for installing .apk file in various Android devices

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Android_Programmer_2010, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Android_Programmer_2010

    Thread Starter

    I have a doubt regarding whether a signed .apk android file will be installed on any Android Device ? Because as there are restrictions for Iphone as one application written will be installed for only some range of iphones not every iphone. Is there any such restrictions for Android Applications? I want to know whether android application once written can be installed in any android device? I will be waiting for reply.


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  2. ankitmittal

    ankitmittal Lurker

    yes android application also have some restriction depends upon device configuration like its OS version etc.
  3. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    Yep ankitmittl, you are right especially when downloading from the market. depends on your device if the app itself is 'compatible'

    Good example.. I downloaded SimCity Deluxe onto my Streak when this app was first introduced in the market.. The app downloaded, the game wouldnt play. After feedback from others, I think the app added a flag at the market level where now, the app doesnt show up at all when viewing the market from the streak,

    But the app displays from another device or from the computer. So, now, if the apk isnt compatible with certain devices this is one way the user never even get to the step to find out it wont work because it wont be available or shown as a compatible app.

    At least in my case.
  4. zombie kat

    zombie kat Newbie

    Also some apps have not been tested with the lower end devices (such as my coby kyros tablet) and market will refuse to install them but when I install them on my phone (HTC desire HD) I can back up the application, copy the APK file to the tablet and install it successfully.

    Should you choose to do this be aware, the developer had some concern as to the functionality or stability of the app on some devices, if you take this option and experience any problems it is your own responsibility, the developer may be willing to help you but bares no liability.
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