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Discussion in '3' started by Joe heeny, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Joe heeny

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    I am 64yrs old, I would like to browse any site I like. I recently changed my phone and renewed my contract. I no find my access is restricted. I have tried for a week to have this matter resolved. Each time its ....will be clear in 24hrs, promise it will take 20minutes and so on. I am now being asked which websites I am wanting to browse and it's the web sites fault! I need to change my browser. I tried through the my 3 app to do it that way but told me my bank card is not registered at my address the same one I used to set up my accounts(of which I have 5) and to prove my age! I should not have to say what sites I want to browse it my choice. I now have no restrictions but still get blocked. I have been with 3 a very long time and not happy with them.

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  2. Hadron

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    I've no experience of 3 (my son uses them, but I never have), but this sounds plain silly. I'd be tempted to try escalating, ask to speak to supervisors, or customer complaints about the poor service, maybe tell them that you are not getting the service you are paying for and consider their inability to remove restrictions you never asked for to be a breach of contract - I'm no expert in this stuff, just thinking what might get their attention. Telling them how many times you've been told it will be fixed, if necessary taking it to the media (it's amazing how many intractable customer services problems get solved when they get a phone call from say The Guardian rather than a paying customer, i.e. when it might be about to cost them other business through bad publicity).

    But what has changing your browser got to do with the "my 3" app? Surely you can use any browser you like, and change the default browser just by clearing the defaults for the current one, waiting until something opens a web link then telling it which browser you want to use instead?
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