Retrieve my message history?

when I set up my Galaxy 2 years ago I configured the auto backup feature. I recently received my device back from Samsung after a repair and it was reset to factory default settings.
When I logged into my Samsung account on the device, it started restoring things but only seemed to restore all my APPS (I feature I am thankful for) and my wallpaper. It does not restore all the settings such as ring tones etc. It doesn't restore my accounts and app configurations such as Calendar. It does not restore my pages and the layout of the widgets and icons.
And, this is the biggest annoyance, it did not restore my Message history which had two year's worth of texts YET - when I configured the backup feature this time, it assures me that my message history is being backed up.
Where is it backing it up to? Note: when you logon to your Samsung account online, it does not show your message history.
Can I retrieve them from somewhere or is this a new feature?