Nov 23, 2009
Hello guys I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this topic, but it is my best guess.

I just bought the app Avanced Task Killer for my moto cliq, great app by the way. But I'm going to return and exchange the phone for a new cliq or a mytouch because of some touchscreen issues. I was just wondering if I get a new phone will I be able to retrieve my purchased apps even if I change my phone to a mytouch? Thank u.
Hi their and Welcome to the Forums! :D

Yes you will be able to No problem :) , Paid apps are linked to the Google account. So when you get your new android Handset just make sure you sign in the same Google account that was on your old Cliq and your Good to go. Simply visit the Android Market and on the paid app it will say "Purchased". Now you just have to re-download it.