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Retrieving stolen droid background pic

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gmb49all, Jun 2, 2010.

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    So some punk stole my droid - long story. Anyhow, the new phone arrives, I turn it on, and low and behold! My background / wallpaper is a picture of the punk that stole my phone! My guess is the idiot took a picture of himself and google backed it up to their server and than downloaded onto the new phone. So now I want to catch this little punk...

    So, here's my question - how do I retrieve this picture off of the phone? Here's what I have tried thusfar:

    1. Looked in the "Gallery" - no picture.
    2. Downloaded Astro and did extensive root system file searches (from "/") for files with the names: jpg, *.jpg, png, *.png, wallpaper, background - no pictures found.
    3. Obviously I hooked it up to the computer but that only lets you view the SD card and there's nothing on that since it's a "brand new" phone.

    Was thinking of trying root access next, but thought I'd ask the forum for any suggestions. Any suggestion is appreciated, no matter how silly!

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