Return it or replace it?


Dec 3, 2009
Hi there,

I am new to posting here but have tried to research and read up on many of the various topics and issues with the Droid. Now I would like to ask for some opinions.....I had a BB Curve, very boring but reliable. I got the Droid on the first day it came out and usually never do that. I have had some issues. The battery doesn't last a full day no matter what app killer or what amount of usage. I have read others have had this problem, others have not. I've got the text picture problem in that I can't send them. Well it looks like they go through but really they don't. I tried the fix of changing the format of the numbers but that didn't help. Now I use Handcent but think it's kind of silly that a simple picture text can't be sent on such a sophisticated device. Shouldn't this be basic? I have the issue with it locking up and find the keyboard very sluggish. The camera doesn't focus well at all. Stuff like this. I have gone to the Verizon store and asked for assistance as well as called. I think the problem here though is that while everyone is really nice, it's a new phone for them as well and so they are just making guesses on what to do as well. I gather there is a software release coming on 12/11. Here's the dilemna: I am at the end of 30 days this Sunday, 12/6 so I need to either take it back or exchange it before then. I thought at this point it might be better to take it back and activate the old BB and wait a month or so before repurchasing. I just don't know if I have a lemon or if this is expected behavior and if so, how much of it will be addressed with the software update. Sorry for the lengthy post but would appreciate opinions/ideas! Thank you!
It would really help if you added a few line breaks to your post'll likely get more responses if you make your message more readable... :)

On battery life - I had to exchange two Droids before I got one w/"normal" battery life. I have noticed that the Droid may be even more sensitive to poor signals than my BB was (Pearl). My Pearl would die a quick death in areas where the signal was weak and it did any hunting betwee 1x and 3G...the Droid is very similar, may be somewhat worse.

Today it's about 5PM and I just dropped to 60% battery, which I'm fine with. Listened to about 40 minutes of podcasts this AM, did some emails, pictures, couple phone calls and texts, web browsing and marketplace (adding apps). Had wireless on for about 20 minutes, otherwise GPS/Wireless off. My old Droid was down to 30% by 2PM. So there can be great variability in battery life if you have a "bad" Droid.

Given how late it is in your 30 day period, your idea of returning the Droid and going back to your BB kind of makes don't have a lot of time to see if another Droid would solve your problem.

I don't know why you don't want to use Handcent - it's a great app, free, and provides excellent features and of the key points of Android is the ability to create your own experience by adding apps.
Have you killed the battery all the way so the phone shuts off? Do that and then give it a full charge, it will give you much more battery life, like double depending on usage. Dont know what to tell you on the Picture problem, I have had no issues sending pics.
Thanks and sorry for long rambling message. Yes, have tried that with the battery but to no avail.

Regarding Handsent, I don't mind using it I just think it's a basic function that the device should have and the fact picture texting works for some people but not all should be addressed.

I think I will probably return it and then re-buy it in a month or so. Because otherwise, I really like it!