Root Return to stock and unroot from ICS???


Hey guys, how would I return to stock and unroot if I'm on one of the ICS builds?

Is there anywhere that I can find a stock ROM to return the phone to its original state? I can't seem to find my backups and I need to take the phone in.

FWIW, I have the Sprint version of the phone.

Thanks for any advice/help here.

Stop at step 12? Which should leave me with ZV9? Then i can update to ZV4 or whatever the latest image is using OTA and it will be unrooted stock fully updated?

Am trying wipe a Rooted LG Marquee phone clean that is experiencing issues with Avast AntiTheft after a carrier change. i think the Avast thinks it has a new sim even though there is no sim card, it is cdma...... Think Avast sees the carrier change as the same as a sim change.....

Plan on resetting phone to stock fully updated and then using the simpler Framaroot method to root again.

All help would be appreciated.....

(talk about reserecting a dead thread, lol)