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Reversed Polarity flytouch 3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rubbertree, May 24, 2011.

  1. Rubbertree

    Rubbertree Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well....I got my flytouch3 about a week ago. As with many others, the charger crapped out on me within the first day. I bought a new head and soldered it on to the existing psu...wouldn't you know it...I reversed the polarity (I think).
    So...a quick little zap and now the battery won't charge. The pad still works and I assume it will until the battery drains out.
    Question...besides taking a hammer to the thing is there any way to resolve this issue? I'm not adverse to opening it up if there is something to be done on the inside but I cringe at the thought of tossing the whole thing when it still essentially works.
    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  2. Woodyandroid

    Woodyandroid Member

    There are chargers on eBay for less than $10.00.
  3. Rubbertree

    Rubbertree Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Woody but the charger isn't the problem anymore (unless you were poking fun...I know I should have just purchased another charger)...the problem now lies somewhere inside the flytouch...
  4. shift799

    shift799 Newbie

    I think this is the same problem I have. I bought a car charger for this at Radio Shack and I think I put the tip on the charger incorrectly. after trying to charge it in the car (which it wouldn't do) the tablet would no longer charge. It still had battery life and it worked as normal, but would not charge. Hoping to hear an answer here.
  5. cyberbob

    cyberbob Newbie

    OUCH!!! Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that based on my experience from my old Ham Radio days you've probably burned out a diode. You could open er' up and possibly locate the zapped semiconductor, but if you can indeed locate the fried diode, the challenge is then going to be figuring out what type/rating device to replace it with. If you have some experience with solid state electronics repair then it might be possible to do, but this is probably beyond the capabilities of the average tablet user. Good luck.
  6. shift799

    shift799 Newbie

    If it is such a problem, it is going to be beyond me, but since the charge connection goes straight to the battery to be charged, I don't think it should be that difficult to locate.

    In my case, the battery powers the tablet just fine, so the battery to CPU is okay. It is somewhere from power plug to battery.
  7. Woodyandroid

    Woodyandroid Member

    I ordered 6 more Tablets and had them send me 2 extra wall chargers and 2 car chargers. I have not had any problems with them as of yet. Better safe than.....
  8. cyberbob

    cyberbob Newbie

    Part of the problem with trying to repair indvidual blown components on a FT3 is the circuit board is only about 5 inches square and aside from the CPU and a few of the larger IC's, all of the resistors, capacitors etc. are very, very tiny. Using Surface Mount Technology, many of these are "wave soldered" onto the board with automated equipment, and aren't designed or intended for replacement of individual dead components. I'm not saying it's impossible to fix, but even for someone with the requisite skills and tools it's gonna be a challenge.
  9. darkito

    darkito Lurker

    hello, I had the same problem, opened the flytouch and fix it by changing the component that was burned.
    is a capacitor 476j:)

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  10. grantd01

    grantd01 Lurker

    The charger sent with my tablet did not have the typical polarity markings for the connector shell and inside tip. I can't find any schematics on it in my searches. Anybody know where I can get electrical diagrams?
  11. Purcy

    Purcy Lurker

    I have the same problem. Any tips on how to replace the cap and where to get one?

  12. aqatei

    aqatei Newbie

    did you solve it ? i have the exact same problem , and to be honest its my fault the device was working just great

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