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Revert back to pre JB keyboard input?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CocodaMonkey, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. CocodaMonkey

    CocodaMonkey Newbie
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    Is it possible to switch back to the old 4.0.4 keyboard after updating to JB? This new keyboard makes using punctuation so much slower. It used to be after a word you could type space and common punctuation showed (question mark, exclimation, etc) as suggestions but now when you type space after a word it just continues to show suggestions for the last word you typed meaning if you want punctuation you have to flip over to the punctuation screen and then pick it.

    Obviously isn't not the worst thing in the world and I do like that they finally made it possible to pick what type of keyboard to use (qwerty, dvorak, etc) instead of forcing you to certain ones depending on the language but as I mainly type in english the loss of quick punctuation is a bigger hassle for me.

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  2. quantumrand

    quantumrand Android Expert

  3. Emmadw

    Emmadw Lurker

    What I'm not so keen on about the keyboard with JellyBean is that in facebook (and possibly other similar sites), if I'm writing a comment on a status (rather than a status update, or, oddly, commenting on a photo), the keyboard's not quite the same as the stock one. It's got a 'Go', rather than a return, rather too close to the delete for my liking, so it's possible to post an update, rather than deleting a letter. It also doesn't seem to respond to the auto correction - so, rather than automatically putting in the right word it leaves typos (meaning I'm reaching for that delete key more often than usual!)
    Also, the blue arrow to move round the comment seems to find it hard to get to the end ... so, again, I can accidentally post.
  4. Thanks man, this was what I've been looking for.

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