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Review: Blue Vines Rubberized Hard Case

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kori_Tamashii, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Okay, so for those of us who have lady parts and, despite being tomboys or tech nerds, still like pretty things, this is a case for you.

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S 2 II Phone Cover Hard Rubberized Case BLUE VINES + LCD | eBay

    I bought mine for a little cheaper, but I can't seem to find THAT specific listing. Regardless, it's the same item. Just search for Blue Vines Rubberized Hard Case. Who makes it? I dunno.

    Why I love it: Cutouts for the damn buttons. I cannot tell you how much I hate cases that cover the buttons. Always makes them harder to use.
    The color is nice without being nauseatingly feminine, and the feel of it is nice and grippable in the hand. It's not a bulky case by any means, but adds a little bit of dimension to a slim and sometimes hard to grip device.

    What I don't love about it:
    It feels like what it is at times: cheap. Didn't cost much, so doesn't feel like it did. Still, having already fumbled my phone once, I'll vouch for the fact that it does what it's meant to: protects the phone from accidental tumbles.

    EDIT: After a week of use, I've noticed that the case doesn't want to stay closed on one corner... and upon removing it from my phone to remove the SD card for some stuff, I noticed it has scratched the side of the phone. DISLIIIIIIKE.

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  2. geekaren

    geekaren Member

    Thanks, Kori_Tamashii, for posting this well-done review!
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  3. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    NINE posts deleted.... come on guys. :(

    Please remember that Forum Rules apply to all, even when meant in humor.

    .... now back ON topic....
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  4. sara12rara

    sara12rara Newbie

    Thanks for reviewing for us.

    I completely relate to what you are saying about wanting something pretty. I might be a nerd, but I am a nerd who likes pretty stuff. I can like technology and still be a lady.
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  5. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Android Enthusiast
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    It doesn't necessarily have to be pink and sparkly, but sometimes I just gotta have a little feminine touch to my electronics. :D
  6. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Android Enthusiast
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  7. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Android Enthusiast
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    Added a little to the first post... scratches. Not pleased.

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