Review: BSE vs Zagg


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Note: This comparison was done based on installment on my HTC Incredible and Droid X. My S2 has a BSE on it as well from a while ago. However, both are "new and improved" so I thought this may help some members. Even though comparison was done on the Droid, I would assume it should translate to any other phone.

Price Point: $7.99

Zagg InvisibleShield
Price Point: $29.99

First impression was, these are the same thing, lol. Feels like the same material, looks like the same material and same installation instructions. Im an unaware whether or not the product between the two is the same, but to me, the product material itself would apply the same amount of protection.

One thing the Zagg does offer is that there is a application solution and a rubber squeegee included in the purchase. The solution is very helpful as apposed to using a soap and water solution. However, I did not use the squeegee at all: I found my fingers work well enough and mad it easier to maneuver with the pliable material. However, I used WindexGreenSolutions (no ammonia) to install the BSE and it work almost as well as the solution that Zagg supplied with their product.

Now, for the product itself. Again, NOTE, this is done with an HTC Incredible. Off the bat, I noticed that surprisingly, the BestSkinsEver had more coverage protection than the Zagg. On some models, Zagg offers an Easy-Install or MaxCoverage; however, with the Incredible, they do not.

The BSE ($7.99) covered the following areas:

The entire raised part of the batter door (including around the Camera).
All secondary levels (3) of the battery door.
Camera lens.
Entire Screen.
Top Bezel and around headjack/power button
Both side Bezels
Bottom Bezel

The Zagg ($29.99) covered the following areas:

Most of the raised part of the battery door (Does NOT completely surround camera or Flash).
All secondary levels (3) of the battery door.
Entire Screen

Both of the products are cut perfectly no the phone. Neither of the items had any fitment issues. Both products have the ability to be stretched if you would like to take a piece slightly around a curve or bend. The side pieces on BSE fit perfectly and match up to a T; and if you are interested in a little overlap on the corners, it can easily be stretched. But again the side and corner piece match up like legos. On the Zagg, there are no corners or sides offered, with is a big downfall in my opinion. The secondary levels on the battery cover are identical and both fit great. On the Zagg, the coverage does not include the top side of the camera or the area around the flash. However, on the BSE, the shield wraps completely around the camera as well as the flash areas. There is also a piece for the physical lens. Front screen protects are nearly identical, if not identical on both of the products. The Zagg curing process does seem to be within 5-8 hours for most of the moisture, while the BSE left some haziness for about 24-36 hours, but clear up nicely after that time.This could have been due to the solution used since they were different on each product, or could be an accurate cure time for both. No "orange peel effect" on either device.

Overall, if I was starting from scratch, I would definitely purchase a BSE to be quite honest. Again, for this prone, it offered more protection at a much cheaper price, for virtually the same material. However, BSE does NOT offer any type of warranty or replace (unless damaged in shipping). Zagg does offer a warranty if the shield is damaged or even if your device is replace (i.e. warranty exchange). But, you do have to mail in your old shield back to Zagg so it must be taken off the phone before its swapped. But at such a large price point gap, you could buy roughly 3 BSE for the price of 1 Zagg. with this material, I honestly dont see going through 3 of these in a year. But, again, Zagg's warranty is there if it is needed. Both companies offer superior customer support as well. They both replied within 12 hours (BSE within 5 hours and Zagg within 10) and answered everything as needed.

I hope this review may have answered some of the questions people have, and I know there are more companies with the same type product (phantom skinz, ghost, etc.) but I chose these two just due to the large price difference, and to my suprise, I am much happier with the BSE than the Zagg.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks Nick