Review of 3.5mm replacement cable w/remote+mic for Samsung and HTC w/lots of pics!!!


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This is a Review of 3.5mm male to male audio replacement cable with in-line remote/mic for Samsung and HTC phones. USD$6.00 - 3.5mm Male To Male With Mic Remote Cable For Monster SOLO HD Pro Headphone Earphone Samsung Series - lunashops online shop

When you are dealing with higher quality headphones, such as V-Moda, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Shure, Beats, SMS by 50, Sennheiser, and some others, these typically come with replaceable 3.5mm male to male cables. Audio cable is the weakest link of headphone construction that will break after awhile, and being able to replace it extends the lifetime of your cans. All of the mentioned above headphones comes with a variety of cables, including an option for the one with in-line remote and mic so you can control your smartphone and take calls. Typically that inline remote is labeled for iDevice use, but the multifunction button usually works with a lot of Android devices to play/pause/call, double/triple click to skip songs, and long press to activate Google Now. If volume control buttons are included with a remote, those are ONLY for iDevices. There is no easy way around it because iPhone and Android device controls are different.

I was on a mission to find replacement UE900 cables with in-line remote and volume buttons for my Galaxy Note 2, and noticed that also has 3.5mm male to male audio replacement cable which supposed to work with Samsung and HTC phones. So I decided to give it a shot. Didn't realize it's going to be a gold find! Although cable is flat and often these are flimsy, this one actually has a thicker shielding and feels more durable. 3.5mm connectors are gold plated and the plug itself is about 3-4mm bigger in diameter than a connector - it is small enough to fit with any phone case and any tight headphone opening. I even tried it with Beyerdynamic COP which has a sliding lock on their original headphone cable, and this one was small enough to fit in.

Since I have Galaxy Note 2, I only was able to test and to verify it with my phone. Multifunction button is located in the middle of the remote and it's a little more recessed than volume up/down buttons so its easier to locate it. Plus, its has a round shape in comparison to volume up/down having arrow shape positioned appropriately when plugged into your headset with up-arrow turning volume up and down-arrow turning volume down. All this is very useful because remote will be positioned closer to your head so it's mic picks up the voice better, and you will have to feel rather than see buttons to control your phone. Multi-function button worked perfectly to play/stop/call and double/triple click for transport control, as well as long press for Google Now. Calls were crystal clear on both sides. Volume control works perfectly too.

Overall, this is a MUST HAVE for anybody with Galaxy or HTC smartphones who want to be able to get full in-line remote with mic AND volume up/down controls. For $6 shipped its a bargain, and probably a good idea to get a few as spares or for your different headsets.

Here are the pictures.