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Review of Sygic nav system for Android - long

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tukatz, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    For the past few years I have used a nav system that runs on my Android phone. Recently I purchased a new Google Nexus 7 second generation tablet and looked for a nav system that would run on it. Because my tablet requires a WiFi connection to access the Internet, the system would have to include maps that are stored on the tablet.

    After a bit of searching I found Sygic and am so impressed with it that I wanted to share my impressions with others who might have a similar need. I must tell you up front that while there is no charge for the app, you must purchase the maps. They are available for a substantial part of the world and you get a lifetime license that includes free map and point of interest updates. The most cost effective approach for me is to purchase the whole world to get all of North America and Europe. Maps of the whole world are priced at $90.99, so the price is not at all bad when you consider free updates. There is a free one week trial that I have been using to make my purchase decision.

    The map files are large and downloading them is time consuming. I was concerned about storage space on my tablet, but found that I can copy them from there to the hard disk in my laptop and only keep the ones on the tablet that I expect to be using in the near term. Maps of Europe are in folders by country, while U.S. maps are in folders by state.

    The user interface is very good and the system is highly configurable. It will warn you if you are driving over the speed limit, but you can turn off the warning. You can also specify the number of miles over the limit you must be driving before the warning occurs, and there are separate settings for built up areas and outside of built up areas. You can also choose from a number of different sounds. The system will also warn you when you are approaching railroad tracks, a change in the speed limit, and sharp curves.

    You can navigate to an address, a point of interest, a set of coordinates, and a place in your history. If you have contacts with addresses you can navigate to one of them. If you have photos in your gallery and they have coordinates in their EXIF data indicating where they were taken, you can select one of them. The only thing that seems to be missing is picking a spot on a map.

    Unlike the app on my phone that only supports one waypoint, Sygic supports a large number of them. I


  2. sparksd

    sparksd Well-Known Member

    Agree on your positive review - works great on my N7 and ability to download individual state maps on an as-needed basis is really nice.
  3. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The app I have on my phone does not support navigating to GPS coordinates but does support navigating to a spot on the map. On a recent trip to Italy we had several places we stayed that were out in the country. We had GPS coordinates but not a street address that my app recognized. I had to go to Google Maps and put in the coordinates to find the spot on the map, then go to my phone and select navigate to a spot on the map, then zoom in and match the two spots. It worked, but was pretty awkward.

    We are planning a six state trip that will put Sygic to the test. I plan to report back on my experiences with the app. Having the larger screen of the N7 will be great.
  4. margol1

    margol1 Lurker

    I have a slightly different experience. The display is indeed excellent, much better than any other offline software I ever used. But the voice support is awful. In many cases it has nothing common with the marked route (e.g. the route shows turn left and the voice says "right", etc.). Of course, it only happens in somewhat complicated turns, but still it is rather confusing. In many cases, I just switch the voice off and look at the display only. In my previous iGo8, I have never experienced such problems. Another, even more annoying problem is the lost of the direction during stops (e.g. on traffic lights). I know GPS requires moving to be accurate, but if I have already fixed the route, why the software does not correct GPS on stops ?
    Because of the display, I still prefer Sygic (my iGo8 does not support full HD), but the above drawbacks disturb me very much. Is anybody else experiencing similar problems ?
  5. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have the instructions in Italian and have not had that problem. I used iGo on my phone, but it only supports one waypoint. I am on a road trip and would love to be able to switch to distance to next waypoint, etc. My waypoints are overnight stops. Still a great app IMO.
  6. oeo

    oeo Newbie

    Thanks for sharing this. I'm still considering whether I should purchase the ugrade on any of the GPS apps. I've had some luck with the app called Navigate. But with using the freebie aspect you have to completely download any maps - e.g. the map of the state of Maine - before heading out. I didn't make sure the download was complete and the whole thing was a fail. Once I could I download the maps I wanted it worked okay. Except, one little hamlet I was going to was too small to show up; I had to enter the in the name of the bigger town nearby (something not all travelers needing to use GPS might know).
  7. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    We are on day three of a road trip so far results very good. One shortcoming I have found has to do with information relative to the destination and the waypoints. You can display remaining distance to the destination and estimated time of arrival at the destination, but I have not found a way to display that information relative to the next waypoint. The only information I have been able to display relative to the next waypoint is the time remaining. Still, being able to plot a multi-day road trip from Washington state to Texas with waypoints being the overnight stopping locations makes this a very fine application.
  8. oeo

    oeo Newbie

    Interesting. I noticed somewhat the same issue with the app I was trying. I hope you get some other ideas. BTW - that sure sounds like a nice journey.
  9. pdqgp

    pdqgp Well-Known Member

    Has anyone noticed maps disapearing? Tonight I updated to Sygic v13.4.1 and when I went into the system to manage my maps they all needed to be dowloaded again! WTF!! I didn't delete any files from my device...

    I also tried to load California and noticed that it will go up to say 225mb then back to 105mb and so on....it goes up and then down. Several other states finish just fine.

    Is there a way to download them from a PC and simply move them to the device? Their downloads are slow.
  10. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have had no problem with maps. I believe you can download them to your PC and then transfer them to your tablet. Each state is in a separate folder with a name such as uxx.ta.2013.03 where the xx is the state abbreviation. The state folders go inside a maps folder which is inside the Sygic folder.
  11. Wilbour

    Wilbour Newbie

    I thought the price was a little high but right now they are taking 30% off of North America ($42 Can) and giving you an additional license for free. The coolest part is the HUD or Heads up Display. You have to pay $6 more (or look for a hack on Youtube). In my opinion, the HUD is the best part. I use my 7" tablet for a fantastic view compared to my old Garmin Nuvi. Compared to a new GPS, this is a steal!
  12. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You're right, and the map updates are free.

    I just used a voice recorder app to record vocal warnings such as Sharp Curve and Speed Camera. They are recorded as WAV files. I used a web site to convert them to OGG format, renamed them meaningfully, and copied them into the appropriate Sygic folder. I went through Settings and selected them. Now instead of a meaningless musical jingle I will have a voice warning saying Mind Your Speed, Dearie. ;-)

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