Review of TTPOD T1S in-ear headphones with in-line remote/mic w/lots of pics!!!


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This is a review of TTPOD T1S in-ear headphones with in-line remote/mic. TTPOD T1S

When I reviewed TTPOD T1E, I was aware it supposed to be their bass-enhanced dual dynamic driver version. At the same time a thought cross my mind how the original T1 version would sound in comparison to this enhanced version. Now, my question has been answered when I received an updated T1S model which supposed to be based on the original balanced sound signature of T1 with an addition of in-line remote/mic. Here is what I found.

Though the external box was very similar, internal packaging took a little step back with a less flashy design. Opening up internal carton revealed included accessories with two pairs of S/M/L eartips, one white silicone and the other black foam, an instruction manual, and a really cool nylon drawstring pouch with a pair of T1S headphones inside. Also, included was a card in Chinese with "T2" in the middle suggesting about upcoming T2 model. T1S earpiece shell design was identical to T1E model which is also the same as T1 model. Even so my T1S had a blue translucent color, I was still able to see all the internal components just like in my other clear transparent T1E version. The overall shape has a dual chamber design with a sound bridged together at the nozzle. But down from there, design was different.

The most noticeable difference was in a cable, starting with a strain relief where T1S had a longer piece with L/R marking on it. Though not very easy to see that marking, the shape of T1S is not symmetrical so you can always rely on that or a fact that Left side has in-line remote. The cable shielding in blue color T1S was all white, non-transparent, round with a rubber texture, and very soft and flexible. Y-splitter and headphone plug had the same round thin design with a textured etched surface. As I mentioned before, left wire side had a universal in-line remote/mic with only a multifunction button and no volume control for use with either Android or iOS devices. I confirmed single click Play/Pause/Call operation, double click to skip next, and triple click to skip prev, and long press for Google NOW. Mic on the remote was at a perfect level to pickup my voice during the call. I always appreciate when manufacturers put the remote/mic in a separate unit closer to earpiece rather than built into a y-splitter.

So, how about the sound? These are not the same as bass enhanced T1E version, but at the same time I found it to be pretty good. The sound signature is balanced with a little bit of mid-forward characteristics. Bass is not as enhanced as T1E but it's definitely above neutral level and has a distinct separation of sub- and mid-bass layers, just scaled down in quantity (in comparison to T1E). Mids are clear, not as detailed, skewed more toward brighter side but still smooth, and a little forward but not too much. Treble is crisp, but not as extended. Soundstage is above average with more width than depth, and a bit narrower in comparison to T1E. I was able to drive it perfectly from any source. Also, with large silicone eartips I was able to get a decent sound isolation.

Overall, if you enjoy the design and fitment of T1E and don't mind a more balanced brighter sound with less aggressive bass, T1S is a great choice of in-ear headphones to use as a companion for your smartphone where you can enjoy your music and switch to a phone call without missing a beat! With a current introduction price of only $39, it's also quite a bargain available in 5 different colors!

Here are the pictures.