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Jul 30, 2010
This is a Review of UAG Folio case for Galaxy S5. Scout Galaxy S5 Folio case – URBAN ARMOR GEAR

I have reviewed a number of different "folio" cases in the past for various phones, but I never end up using one. The problem is that most of these cases are either too slim and offer no drop protection in favor of scratch protection, or they have annoying flapping cover that doesn't stay latched, or have front cover storage that bulks up the case and puts a pressure on the screen. Either way, it wasn't my cup of tea though I know a lot of people do prefer these. Furthermore, while being a fan of UAG cases I know they like to play it safe with their signature fused double layer open face design. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard they are introducing a folio case! Now, after I got a chance to test it out, I can tel you with certainty - these guys just reinvented the wheel!

The first thing you notice out of the box is a soft textured feel of this case. Referred to as "frogskin technology", they used some kind of a proprietary rubberized material with a non-slip grip where according to UAG it maintains grip even in wet and slippery conditions. Once you flip the cover open, the next surprise is a pocket under the cover with a room enough to hold 3 credit cards, including driver license, and a few money bills. The inside of the pocket has a textured synthetic lining which makes it easy to slide the cards out, and the middle of the pocket has a cutout for your thumb to push them out. Every detail of this design is very well thought of, including a padded cover with suede finish that won't scratch or put a pressure on the screen. And to top it off, front cover has a flap with a secure magnetic latch to keep it closed.

As I mentioned above, one of the big problems with a folio cases is not enough security to hold the phone and lack of general protection if you drop it. Some cases barely even hold your phone at the corners while others glue a cheap tpu or plastic case to the back cover. Here you have a fully functional high quality case with a folio cover attached to it. This portion of the case resembles a regular UAG case with a similar fused dual layer design and inner honeycomb impact resistant layer, but instead of a hard shell it uses soft rubberized "frogskin" finish. You still get a great level of protection while holding it securely inside and an easy way to take the phone out when need it. Also, just like with a regular UAG case, you get power and volume up/down buttons covered and with a great tactile response when pushed. All the ports are very generously open at the top and the bottom of the phone, and you get a precise speaker and camera/flash cutout on the back. The front cover has a cutout around front speaker area at the top so you can carry on a phone conversation with cover closed.

Overall, I think this is a first folio case that I'm going to use with our Galaxy S5 whenever I decide to keep the wallet at home and just take the phone and keys along with it. It offers a great storage functionality, a high quality exterior finish, an access to all the ports and buttons, and the same high level of protection I have come to expect from their regular cases. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with this case that I wish UAG will make a special version without a front cover, and hopefully for Note 4 as well!

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