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Review on Android device statistics

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by enterra, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. enterra

    enterra Lurker
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    We published an interesting article on what screen resolutions, CPU and RAM are most popular by the users.


    On October’12 TweetDeck published statistics for Android devices and OS versions gathered from their users. They collected the information about more than 35 thousands Android devices which run their twitter client. You can see their extremely interesting statistics here: http://blog.tweetdeck.com/android-ecosystem.
    We decided to continue their investigations and fulfill the statistics with some data regarding screen resolution, memory and CPU timing of the devices listed. We gathered detailed information about top 50 devices with the highest number of users. We get the information about mobile devices from http://pdadb.net. You can see the details below.

    Screen resolution breakdown

    The table and chart below shows the share of each resolution based on user number. In the chart labels you can see three lines: screen resolution, number of users who use this resolution and the percent of this resolution.
    You can see that the most of devices has 480

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  2. Drhyde

    Drhyde Android Enthusiast

    Interesting. I would like to see some stats on the distribution of the various devices and perhaps a few other stats you could think up.

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