Done by choice
Nov 28, 2009
I know you guys don't see too much of me as I'm usually running the Epic as my "daily driver" but I was recently given the opportunity to review Seidio's Desktop Charging Cradle Kit. As the usual disclaimer, this review will cover my personal opinions on the Desktop Charging Cradle Kit and are not the opinions of the Forum, Seidio or anyone else. As always, YMMV. :)

One of the things I truly dislike about some reviews I have read in the past is not getting enough information about or seeing any pictures of the product. Why would anyone want to buy a product after reading 3 or 4 line descriptions or seeing 2 or 3 stock images? Personally I wouldn
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I'm assuming you can still use your wall charger to charge it without using your computer correct?


The kit, however, comes with a "travel" wall charger (charging cable permanently attached to the wall wart).

Either charging method works just fine.