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Review - SGP Anti-Fingerprint screen protector

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bemaitea, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. bemaitea

    bemaitea Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello all,

    Just recieved my Droid X SGP Anti-fingerprint screen protector!

    I'll keep the wording to a minimum because most of these screen protectors are the same in terms of application, and I'm sure all of you have already pored over the Ultra Clear review :cool:

    Installation: 5/5

    Easy as pie. The protector comes with a little green tab you pull back to expose the sticky end and you just align that up and set her down! No bubbles, no mess. This is GREATLY enhanced by the fact that the DX screen is a beautifully flat surface. If you've got bubbles, you did something wrong. These type of "hard" protectors should just lie flat and adhere. I didn't do any of those shower methods mentioned in other posts. As long as your not doing it in your dusty attic you should be fine.

    PRO TIP: Many people simply use the optical cloth that is included with the protectors to clean the screen before application. While this is good, it's not perfect. To get the screen crystal clear, dab a BIT of 70% Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing type) on the optical cloth and wipe the screen. Much nicer.

    Appearance: 5/5

    I personally love the matte finish. It gives a sense of invincibility to the screen. Not to mention it look oh so smooth in the light. Oh, and the minimization of finger prints is sooo nice. Note my use of the word "minimization". While it does prevent most fingerprints, if you're particulary sweaty or oily then it will leave smudges. And for those that suffer face smudges: sorry, this screen does little to fight off the oily might of your face. Good news is the oils should just wipe off rather quick.

    Functionality: 4/5

    My fingers sliiidde so nicely on the screen now, but it seems as though I've lost some sensitivity to the screen. This may just be mental, but it seems like I have to "tap" a bit harder to get some things to launch. I'll play around some more to see if this holds up. In terms of how much it affects actually SEEING the screen, the "rough" nature of the AF screen does blur the screen ever so slightly. However, on daily use and functionality, this has no relevance. Text, even really really small text, come out very clear and all pictures are still very nice. But be warned, there IS a quality loss here. Price you pay to have less oil.



    Now here is my ONLY MAJOR GRIPE:

    The screen that I happen to apply to my phone was pretty perfect excpet for the fact that between the peel-back plastic and the adhesive, there were small fibers/hairs FROM THE FACTORY! :mad: This is sooo incredibly unprofessional. For a company that is suppose to provide screen protectors and tries hard to make the user have a clean surface before applying, having the factory sealed protectors already having fibers embedded in the adhesive is off-putting. It is VERY obvious on my screen and was there before I even peeled back the screen. I attempted to remove it but it had very firmly fused with the adhesive. Not good, SGP, not good at all. I'll contact them about this and let you know what happens.

    Despite this fact, overally I'd give the Anti-fingerprint protector a 4/5. If you can accept a slight hit to quality, you can reap the benifits of no oil/glare and a silky smooth surface.


    Check out my update below, but I'm bumping up the grading on this screen protector to a 5/5. My first one had a small flaw, but SGP was quick to get out a replacement and all is well in the world.

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  2. Steven58


    Fair review. I have it too. I had it on my Dinc before I returned it, too.

    I found installation a taaaad more difficult than you. I found that if I started from the bottom and went toward the top, I didn't have air bubble, gappy thing at the bottom. I messed up the first of the two screen protectors on my DX. (not on my dinc).

    I bought another two packs for the future.

    Regarding finger sensitivity: I can attest to the fact that it is in your head. It's the same. :p

    Bottom line for me: I can't STAND fingerprint smudges on my screen, so this is a lifesaver for me.
  3. bemaitea

    bemaitea Member
    Thread Starter

    Hahah, yeah I figured it was in my head. Upon further use it seems to be perfectly fine.

    Also I find that there is a noticeable loss in sharpess in the display. I don't want to use the term "glazed" but it is slightly "glazed". This is only very obvious on very bright colors. It is simply the texture of the protector showing itself. A bit bothersome, but nothing you won't get use to.

    Why can't we have our cake and eat it too, Steven? Fingerprints and crystal clarity, or no fingerprints and quality loss.

    It is nice not having to worry about those smudges though...very nice indeed.
  4. htom

    htom Member

    I just got the AG protector and I think your review was spot on in terms of my feelings about them. I definitely can live with slightly less clarity for way less fingerprints and the reflective glare. The added protection is a huge plus as well. Thanks again for you indepth observations.
  5. bemaitea

    bemaitea Member
    Thread Starter

    To be honest, after a few days of use the loss in clarity isn't so apparent. It's honestly a worthy trade-off for the fact you get to reduce fingerprints.

    No need to constantly rub my phone on my shirt!
  6. bemaitea

    bemaitea Member
    Thread Starter

    2 week update on the AF Screen protector:

    It is awesome. It was a bit jarring at first coming from the pure display, but after a few days this thing is as beautiful as it was before (seemingly ;) )

    The AF plastic is really durable and is very resistant to oil. Still requires a wipedown, but wayyy better than pure glass.


    They addressed the small flaws with my original screen protector and sent me a replacement extremly promptly! :D

    So I'm going to be updating my reivew score here because a) the screen feels great, looks great b) SGP has proven to be a very reliable company and c) Still loving no finger prints!
  7. vgiant17

    vgiant17 Lurker

    I have on of these protectors on my X as well, and I love it. I was, however, a little anxious with the first of the 2 protectors and screwed it up pretty badly. I learned my lesson, and the 2nd came out perfect.
  8. mazz0310

    mazz0310 Android Enthusiast

    I bought this too and took it off after one day, I couldn't take how blurry it made the screen. I was embarrassed to show off my new droid because the screen looked horrible, I thought I needed glasses.
  9. bennec

    bennec Member

    I just received the 2 I ordered from Amazon.com and a guy I worked with popped it on in less than 1 minute. No bubbles and my screen now looks kick-ass again. The ole saying "you get what you pay for" is very true in regards to these bad boys!

    Thanks to all who recommended these. I hated the ones I purchased from Verizon the day I got my phone. In one day it was scratched all up and the screen display looked really bad.
  10. hoppyjr

    hoppyjr Newbie

    I wanted something like the Power Support brand screen protector that I've used on my iPhones and iPad......the Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint is it!!!!

    Feels great in use, applies easily, doesn't hurt visibility - a win IMO.

    If you have used the Power Support matte finish product and want the same for other phones, try the Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint.

    FYI - I also installed one on my Blackberry Bold 9700 and have equally great results.

    No, I'm not affiliated with SGP/Steinheil in any way :)
  11. Boxytheboxed

    Boxytheboxed Newbie

    This is the one I use on mine. I'm not a huge fan of the matte look, but there really arent many fingerprints which is nice. I tend to agree that it feels really nice, but its kind of loud. I know it sounds silly, but it makes a very noticeable sound while swyping and its mildly infuriating. However, I used to have problems with humidity making my fingers/the screen hard to swype on because it wouldn't run over the screen smoothly (damn you Florida). That problem is now compleatly gone. I gave up on swype because it wasn't working with all the humidity, but bith the screen protector I have re-adopted it:D
  12. vandamme

    vandamme Newbie

    Thanks for the review. Ordered a pack.
  13. Stealthman

    Stealthman Android Enthusiast

    I prefer the Ultra Crystal protectors much better than the anti-fingerprint
  14. Justintoxicated

    Justintoxicated Android Enthusiast

    How does it compare to invisible shield or best skins ever in terms of protection/fingerprints/clarity?

    I have alsways been best skins ever fan, but I have to admit I like the idea of a matt screen. I hate glarey glossy!

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