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Accessories Review: Shure MPA-3C Music Phone Adapter for iPhone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Reprobate, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Apr 17, 2010

    Apr 17, 2010
    EDIT: Update - This product stopped working after less than a week of light use. Basically, the left channel of my stereo headset stopped working consistently unless I put pressure on the 3.5mm plug on the Shure product being reviewed. This can happen when a product is made with a cheap plug. Unfortunately, this is not something you can identify before purchase. I will not be buying anymore Shure headphones, and I may possibly avoid their legendary microphones because of this experience.

    As an HTC Incredible owner, I bought the Shure MPA-3C for iPhone at Fry's on sale for $20, I'm not sure if I'd pay $40 for it, though build quality is solid. It does not come with headphones so you'll want to pair this with your choice of earphones that feature a short cord so the microphone hangs at an appropriate distance from your pie hole. I think some of the Shure headphones come packaged with this same model and this might be an alternative to some considering the Shure SE115m+(a 3 button iPhone compatible set with built in canal phones and microphone that apparently can be used with the Incredible, though reportedly the volume buttons don't work with the HTC).

    The MPA-3C has one button for everything. Call quality is very good - I have no complaints and my friend said she couldn't tell I was on a headset when I was driving with my windows up. I didn't have to hold the microphone up to my mouth, I just let it dangle. :eek:

    When a call comes in, 1 click will answer, 2 clicks will hang up, and holding the button down will send the call straight to voicemail which is nice.

    If you are on a call, 1 click will hang up.

    If your phone is idle, holding the button down opens the Voice Dialer, but you will have to look at and touch your phone to complete the command (i.e. "Call Voicemail").

    If you hold the Search button on your Incredible, the microphone will pick up your voice and work as expected.

    Here's how the MPA-3C works with the various HTC Incredible music player options:
    On all players listed below: 1 click will start/stop your music.

    Stock music player - 2 clicks will redial the last number called.

    Meridian Player(What I use): 2 clicks will forward the track(Nice!)

    For the following players, I have to disable headset controls on Meridian to get functionality:

    Pandora: 2 clicks will forward the track(Very nice since Pandora can be hit or miss).

    Last.fm and Slacker: No way to forward the track.

    Astro Player: Holding the button pauses the music and selects the next track. Click once more to play. (Odd, but it works well). I wasn't able to utilize Astro's voice commands.

    Xiialive: No functions work, including play and pause.


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