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[Review] Vignette Camera App for Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Argent, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Argent

    Argent Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    As a hobbyist photographer, by far one of my favorite apps for my phone is Vignette. I don't always have my DSLR kit with me and sometimes you come across shots that need to be taken...Vignette works both as a standalone camera app or as an tool to creatively edit existing photos.

    There is a demo version - so give it a try, but I think it's well worth the price for the full version (UK

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  2. Crodley

    Crodley Android Enthusiast

    Wow, nice in depth review, thanks so much!!!
  3. cooksalot

    cooksalot Well-Known Member

    That blows Photoshop away. I just downloaded the free trial. Just like you I got the Incredible because I just can't carry my DSLR with me all the time, and that's always when you seem to need it. :D Thanks for such a great review. Looks like it will be well worth the money for this app.
  4. Argent

    Argent Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    No problems - I love the app and the developers are good about updates :)

    Also on my Incredible - the file sizes of images taken with Vignette (no effects or frames) is larger than the stock camera app (meaning less image compression used and thus it keeps more of the details) just an FYI
  5. chtamina

    chtamina Member

    what does "deblur" mean in sensitivity iso settings ?
    (htc desire)
  6. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    I like this better than Camera 360 - my now ex favorite camera app.
    This is more intuitive to use, and I believe it takes better pictures.
  7. Argent

    Argent Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Honestly I have no idea what that does - I've never tried using it. Give me some time to try playing with it to see if I can figure it out, or you could try emailing the Dev and asking them - I haven't had much success at contacting them but others have...
  8. chtamina

    chtamina Member

    devs say they don't know.
  9. Argent

    Argent Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hrm - hehe ok good cause I couldn't see any differences in my shots when I set it to that...
  10. Vegas863

    Vegas863 Newbie

    I recently came across this application, too. As a photo enthusiast I really like the customization this app offers! So far my favorite combination is using a Velvia (loved this film) Effect combined with a Instant transfer 1 frame.


  11. w_bovine

    w_bovine Android Expert

    Very nice! I really must start playing with Vignette more. It's just that I'm so dang lazy...:rolleyes:
  12. Argent

    Argent Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Cute puppy Vegas! :)

    Here's a massive list of all the effects and frames available


    • None: no effect.
    • Normal: generic film effect.
    • Vignette: focus attention at the centre of the frame.
    • Portra: smooth skin tones for flattering portraits.
    • Velvia: vivid colours for nature photography.
    • Ilford: classic black and white.
    • Toy camera>>
      • Toy Camera: lo-fi effect for candid shots.
      • Toy camera BW: black and white toy camera.
      • Leaky: toy camera with extra leakiness.
      • Cross-process: high contrast with distorted colours.
      • Random: random from ‘Toy camera’ effects.
    • Vintage>>
      • Faded: old faded photo.
      • SX–70: old instant camera photo.
      • Summer: hazy warm greens and browns.
      • Colourised: flat pastel colours.
      • Oversaturated: bright washed-out reds and yellows.
      • Yearbook: faded black-and-white.
      • Sepia: subtle tint for an antique look.
      • Platinotype: bright smooth tones and deep shadows.
      • Retro Red: faded photo colour variation.
      • Retro Yellow: faded photo colour variation.
      • Retro Green: faded photo colour variation.
      • Retro Cyan: faded photo colour variation.
      • Retro Blue: faded photo colour variation.
      • Retro Magenta: faded photo colour variation.
      • Random: random from ‘Vintage’ effects.
    • Colour highlight>>
      • London: contrasty black white and red.
      • Paris: contrasty balck white and blue-green.
      • New York: contrasty black white and yellow.
      • Highlight red: black white and red.
      • Highlight yellow: black white and yellow.
      • Highlight green: black white and green.
      • Highlight cyan: black white and cyan.
      • Highlight blue: black white and blue.
      • Highlight magenta: black white and magenta.
      • Random: random from ‘Colour highlight’ effects.
    • Colour swap>>
      • Swap red/blue: swap red and blue without affecting green.
      • Swap red/green: swap red and green without affecting blue.
      • Swap blue/green: swap blue and green without affecting red.
      • Rotate hue CW: rotate hue 120 degrees clockwise.
      • Rotate hue CCW: rotate hue 120 degrees anticlockwise.
      • Random: random from ‘Colour swap’ effects.
    • Tinted monochrome>>
      • Sepia: subtle tint for an antique look.
      • Platinotype: bright smooth tones and deep shadows.
      • Bleach bypass: extreme contrast with subtle colours.
      • Night vision: grainy and green.
      • Duotone red: red-tinted monochrome print.
      • Duotone yellow: yellow-tinted monochrome print.
      • Duotone green: green-tinted monochrome print.
      • Duotone cyan: cyan-tinted monochrome print.
      • Duotone blue: blue-tinted monochrome print.
      • Duotone magenta: magenta-tinted monochrome print.
      • Random: random from ‘Tinted monochrome’ effects.
    • Lens effects>>
      • Dreamy: soft-focus effect.
      • Tilt-shift L: defocus top and bottom (landscape).
      • Tilt-shift P: defocus top and bottom (portrait).
      • Tobacco filter: deep orange tint for dramatic skies.
      • Grad Tobacco L: graduated tobacco filter (landscape).
      • Grad Tobacco P: graduated tobacco filter (portrait).
      • Grad ND L: graduated neutral density filter (landscape).
      • Grad ND P: graduated neutral density filter (portrait).
      • Red filter: simple colour filter.
      • Yellow filter: simple colour filter.
      • Green filter: simple colour filter.
      • Cyan filter: simple colour filter.
      • Blue filter: simple colour filter.
      • Magenta filter: simple colour filter.
      • Random: random from ‘Lens effects’ effects.
    • Cinematic>>
      • Action movie: vivid agains a blue-green tint.
      • Technicolor: red and cyan 1930s movie look.
      • Scary movie: eerie tri-tone blue and magenta.
      • Random: random from ‘Cinematic’ effects.
    • Miscellaneous>>
      • Bleach bypass: extreme contrast with subtle colours.
      • Night vision: grainy and green.
      • Posterise: solid primary colours.
      • Fake HDR: under development.
      • Blackboard: solid white on black.
      • Infrared: high contrast for surreal moody landscapes.
      • Rainbow: thermal-imaging-style false colour.
      • Negative: inverted brightness and colour.
      • Invert: inverted brightness only.
      • Random: random from ‘Miscellaneous’ effects.
    • Random: random from all effects>>
    • Customise>>
      • Extra vignette
      • Film grain
      • Soft-focus halo
      • Pastel colours
      • Monochrome
      • Red filter
      • Yellow filter
      • Green filter
      • Cyan filter
      • Blue filter
      • Magenta filter
      • Light leaks
      • Extra light leaks
      • Graduate colours (landscape)
      • Graduate colours (portrait)
      • Tilt-shift (landscape)
      • Tilt-shift (portrait)
      • Negative
      • Underexpose
      • Overexpose

    • None: do not crop the photo.>>
    • Fullscreen: crop the photo to the same aspect ratio as the screen.>>
    • Panorama: extra-wide format.>>
    • 3:2 Snapshot: for 4x6-inch (10x16cm) prints.>>
      • 3:2
      • 3:2 bordered
      • 3:2 rounded
      • 3:2 oval
      • 3:2 black
      • 3:2 black rounded
      • 3:2 black oval
      • Random: random from ‘3:2 Snapshot’
    • 7:5 Print: for 5x7-inch (13x18cm) prints.>>
      • 7:5
      • 7:5 bordered
      • 7:5 rounded
      • 7:5 oval
      • 7:5 black
      • 7:5 black rounded
      • 7:5 black oval
      • Random: random from ‘7:5 Print’
    • 5:4 Large format: for large-format prints.>>
      • 5:4
      • 5:4 bordered
      • 5:4 rounded
      • 5:4 oval
      • 5:4 black
      • 5:4 black rounded
      • 5:4 black oval
      • Random: random from ‘5:4 Large format’
    • 4:3 Standard: for 4:3 displays.>>
      • 4:3
      • 4:3 bordered
      • 4:3 rounded
      • 4:3 oval
      • 4:3 black
      • 4:3 black rounded
      • 4:3 black oval
      • Random: random from ‘4:3 Standard’
    • 16:9 Widescreen: for 16:9 displays.>>
      • 16:9
      • 16:9 bordered
      • 16:9 rounded
      • 16:9 oval
      • 16:9 black
      • 16:9 black rounded
      • 16:9 black oval
      • Random: random from ‘16:9 Widescreen’
    • Square>>
      • Square
      • Square bordered
      • Square rounded
      • Circle
      • Square black
      • Square black rounded
      • Circle black
      • Random: random from ‘Square’.
    • Instant>>
      • Instant classic
      • Instant wide
      • Instant mini
      • Instant square
      • Random: random from ‘Instant’
    • Grungy>>
      • Instant transfer 1
      • Instant transfer 2
      • Instant trnasfer 3
      • Filed carrier: under development
      • Random: random from ‘Grungy’
    • Film Effect>>
      • 35mm
      • 35mm full bleed
      • 6x6
      • 6x6 full bleed
      • Random: random from ‘Film effect’
    • Random: random from all frames>>
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  13. Krabapell

    Krabapell Newbie

    Another fan of Vignette here :)

    I prefer it over Camera360 and FXCamera because it has the smallest footprint but the most functions. It doesn't limit the size and resolution. Plus, you can assign it to the camera harware button.

    My fave is the tilt-shift, allows me to take miniature-type shots.
  14. zoidy84

    zoidy84 Well-Known Member

    i have this but in no way am a Camera buff, just want the best apps for my phone. Really need to get into it, have checked out your Flickr account and there are some incredible shots!
  15. Argent

    Argent Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That's the beauty of this app - you don't have to be a camera buff! Some of my best shots come from Vignette being set to Random on effects and frame.

    for example this shot of the water tower outside the Detroit Zoo


    I see I've exceeded my photobucket bandwidth again - I'll work on rehosting the images on my Flickr page to stop that from happening...
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  16. MF DROID

    MF DROID Member

    i just got this, couldnt recommend it enough!
  17. Booya

    Booya Well-Known Member

    I'm having a problem with Vignette (demo version). On my Droid X, When i take a outdoor picture using any of the effects, the processing time takes a long long long time. Indoor shots, I see the picture immediately. Am I doing something wrong?
  18. braj

    braj Android Enthusiast

    My only problem with Vignette is it is slow on my Captivate, is it also slow on other cameras, ie. changing settings, saving pictures? I am using Camera 360 now but own Vignette and like to import photos after taking elsewhere. I wish there were a 'no camera' option, just use it as an editor, perhaps that would make it more speedy.
  19. Argent

    Argent Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You can just import your camera shots in to Vignette and edit them that way
  20. braj

    braj Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, but I'm just wondering if a 'Vignette Editor' app sans camera would be any faster. Is this a quick app regarding the UI and capturing images on other phones? It is a dog on mine, but Camera 360 is super fast.

    Actually it isn't that bad just as an editor, the UI is more responsive. I guess it doesn't really matter, nevermind.
  21. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Android Enthusiast

    Awesome shot. Any idea what effect it was? :)
  22. Cadamus

    Cadamus Newbie

    It looks like the HDR effect is still in progress. Does it work at all yet?

  23. SteveJones

    SteveJones Member

    just too slow on my droid.

    maybe i am doing something wrong but i can't even share my photos for 2 minutes after taking them.

    camera 360 seems much faster to me or maybe i'll just stick to post editing on my pc where i can apply effects in 8mp in a matter of seconds.
  24. Argent

    Argent Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I believe that's the blackboard effect - that shot showed up with my stuff set in random

    and it does take a few to process shots - especially if you're shooting at 8MP as the file sizes are much larger than the stock camera app (less image compression used)
  25. K.P.

    K.P. Newbie

    I love it, but after a few shots it crashes to a black screen on my HTC Desire. I can still see the onscreen controls, and I can open the camera as normal, and half the time it will still be crashed to a black screen when I reopen it.

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