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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bigj2552, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. bigj2552

    bigj2552 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Had this phone for about 3 wks now....

    Battery - with wifi/bt/gps ect, all turned off - i can get from 8am - 8pm with about a 1/4 to spare bat life...
    If i have EVERYTHING on, and constantly using web, camera ect - things can go from - 8am - 3pm...but ,most folk will not be using it constantly, so expect around and average of 12 - 16hrs of normal use...but everyone is differant !

    Camera -good, detailed pics from the 5mp camera with flash - even in very low light thanks to the led flash -
    Video is 720p HD & is great outside, crisp, clear, detailed video...
    Auto focus is good.
    Digital zoom is crap - as they ALL are !
    inside the home/room, its not so good..
    Can be a little grainy in very low light, but cant all video camera phones ?
    sound is good..
    Plenty of settings to choose from in both video & camera mode...to many to mention - google them :)

    this phone is fast..like, really fast when zippin through menus/folders ect, thanks to the 1GHz snapdragon processor.
    It only has 512mb ram but its more than enough...

    Storage - only has 320MB storage but has microsd slot for up to 32gb - you WILL NEED this 32gb microsd card if you take a lot of high res videos/pics.

    screen has brightness control but NO contrast...but still looks clear n sharp...for the price anyway ! (

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  2. adityamedhe3

    adityamedhe3 Lurker

    Hi great review... I am buying this phone today, needed your help?
    1)Does it support launchers?
    2)Does it support 3rd party widgets from market?

    Even a YES/NO answer will do :)
    Waiting for your reply!
  3. squall38

    squall38 Lurker

    1) Yes, any launcher I tried worked, and I settled once again for Zeam launcher. I like Free Software. :)

    2) Yes, the stock and pretty much any other launcher will work with widgets from the Play Store or elsewhere.
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    HSRBNR Newbie

    This phone is outstanding choice in mid price range android smartphones. Its body, interface and performance are very good.
  5. adityamedhe3

    adityamedhe3 Lurker

    Thanks, ordered it online! :D

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