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[Revised] Rooting Gingerbread 2.3.5 Dummies Guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ocnbrze, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. CapThrowback

    CapThrowback Android Expert

    Hm. If that's the case, your options are limited. Did you already try using Android Flasher to flash a recovery onto your device?


  2. stitchBLK

    stitchBLK Lurker

    Does anybody know where I can get the PC36IMG file, every time I download it and put it on my sd card and try to install it I get a message saying the file is bad. Thanks in advance!
  3. CapThrowback

    CapThrowback Android Expert

    How are you trying to install it (and which file is it)? If you're getting a message like that, it sounds like you're trying to install it in recovery, rather than in the bootloader.
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  4. TheClyde

    TheClyde Lurker

    I am current trying to root via this method. Last night I was using a windows 7 computer and after copying the identifier token, the HTC site told me it was invalid. After several attempts I gave up.

    Now I'm at work on an XP computer and I just got everything installed. I'm going through the process and now I cannot get Android SDK to run on my computer. I click to run it, see the DOS window flash quickly on and off the screen.

    Does anyone have any insight on how I can get this to run on XP? I just want to get this thing rooted!
  5. sok4life

    sok4life Newbie

    Am i unable to root without a card reader
  6. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
    Thread Starter

    do you have htc sync installed?
    ok first of all you are partly rooted (so to speak) as you have your bootloader unlocked. all you need now is a recovery.have you tried the android flasher yet. might be easier. or are you saying that your pc will not see your card on your phone?
  7. CapThrowback

    CapThrowback Android Expert

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  8. sok4life

    sok4life Newbie

    I still need help
  9. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
    Thread Starter

    have you tried the android flasher way of getting recovery?
  10. sok4life

    sok4life Newbie

    I want to say I have tryed that with the second option in the recommend way in step one and i didn't try that as hard because right off the bat it seam'd as if it wasnt going to work at all but I'm willing to try I want to root my phone
  11. hi there, i have read some of this thread, but not all of it... but i thought i'd stop and ask a question or two:

    we are trying to translate method #3, the Tacoroot method, to the Mytouch 4G Slide, which is also in the position of having an OTA with a so-far un-S-OFFable hboot. if i undersrtand correctly, you are using the adb shell with root access(provided by the tacoroot exploit) to downgrade the hboot. and it looks like the flash_image program is facilitating the downgrade?

    so i am wondering if your flash_image file is universal... i mean, would it work on the MT4gs also? in which case, we would simply do everything the same, except replace the mtd-eng.img with an S-OFF-able hboot for our phone??

    if so, this would be great news! thanks in advance for any help.

    edit: or are you actually lowering your version number so that the hboot will allow you to flash your factory firmware zip, so that you THEN can S-OFF the hboot? if that is the case, someone has already made a file that seems to lower the version number for our device... in which case we would use that in place of your mtd-eng.img file?

    sorry for the confusion!
  12. CapThrowback

    CapThrowback Android Expert

    The latter :).

    If you have any img file of the misc partition for your device (I assume there's a way to pull it directly from the device), changing the main version is a simple matter of a hex edit.

    So yes, the process is:
    1. use Tacoroot to temp root
    2. While rooted, copy flash_image binary to /data partition.
    3. Flash mtd.img file to misc partition, downgrading the HBOOT main version
    4. Flash an older stock RUU to device, downgrading HBOOT to a rootable version
  13. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer


    Cap'n ninja'd me and completely blew my mind!! :eek::D

    Listen to the Cap'n. He knows his stuff. ;)

    I'm suprised this will work for other phones, but the Cap'n is the man!
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  14. ok thanks! we will be working on accomplishing this and will report back :D i MOSTLY understand, lol. for me, the only question is getting the proper misc. image file.
  15. one more question if i may: will the flash_image binary automatically flash the image to our misc partition, even tho that partition is probably located in a different place on our device? (hopefully this is even a correct question)

    edit: looking even closer, it looks pretty clear. i think/hope the main issue will be getting a proper misc image to flash.
  16. sok4life

    sok4life Newbie

    Sorry its not loading right. Yeah I tryed this way aswell but it didn't make sence to me if you could help
  17. CapThrowback

    CapThrowback Android Expert

    Make sure your device is booted in to FASTBOOT (should say "FASTBOOT USB"). In Android Flasher, after you've selected the recovery.img file, check the "I'm already in Fastboot" option, and you should be able to flash it successfully.
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  18. sok4life

    sok4life Newbie

    When I tryed that the green bar in the bottom left would only get to 3/4 and never move after that
  19. JuiceBox316

    JuiceBox316 Newbie

    Ok.. So I'm attempting the taco root method for the newest software update on my evo 4g at this thread:


    I get to step 12 and everything works just fine, the command looks identical, but when I try step 13 which is the --undo step, it says "adb not found" and I can't go any farther.. any help?! and Will my phone remain unstable, or will rebooting it at least put it back to normal until I can figure this out. Yes, I'm a nube, but I understand most of this process.. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  20. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
    Thread Starter

    welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are you doing this in the android folder where the adb.exe is found?
  21. JuiceBox316

    JuiceBox316 Newbie

    Yes.. I moved everything to the same folder and have been working out of it in the command prompt as it says... my screen matched that of his in step 12, but now 13 wont work.. buh. Thank you for the quick reply!
  22. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
    Thread Starter

    ok close the command window and reopen it and re-type the command again.
  23. JuiceBox316

    JuiceBox316 Newbie

    starting with step 1?
  24. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
    Thread Starter

    no retype the undo command
  25. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member

    Just got a replacement evo in the mail today (screen cracked on my old one :-( I have unlocked bootloader via htc dev method, now I'm wondering about the s-off... Is it necessary? Is it just the watermark that people are concerned about? Or am I missing something? In other words... is there any functionality I will be missing by not getting s-off? I dont really care about the watermark myself, my phone is out of warranty and I have insurance, asurion, and sprint already know my last evo was rooted, and that I planned to root this one, so is the extra step of getting s-off really important?

    Thank in advance, and sorry if this has been asked/answered already :)

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