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*Rezound ICS OTA is live Thread*

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ISASoilder, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. ISASoilder

    ISASoilder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    After Seeing the press shots for this phone and haveing been waiting since June to Use My upgrade I am almost certain that I will pick up this phone, But my Should I Buy and hope for ICS or is it best to wait for the Prime??? any opinions?

  2. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    I'm looking at both of these phones as well. They're very close spec-wise, according to rumors.

    If you want a pure ICS experience sooner rather than later, I'd say wait for Prime. But I'm pretty sure Vigor will get ICS ported over by devs eventually, and it most likely will get an official update even later.

    The only thing that's got me leaning towards waiting is HTC battery life history, and the fact that ICS will do away with capacitive buttons, and the Vigor will be stuck with those.

    But even if you get the Vigor and have to deal with GB for a while, it's a very stable and smooth interface at this point. HTC Sense 3.5 seems to be very nice, too.
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  3. jikhead

    jikhead Android Expert

    The latest rumor on the Prime is supposedly a release mid-late October to early November. With that said, I seriously doubt that the Prime will release with ICS. The Sammy guy in the rumor supposedly said that the Prime in his hand didn't have it cause ICS wasn't ready. I can't image that from now until October/November would be enough ample time to test an entirely different version of the OS. You could run into a lot of software glitches and bugs that could further push the release date WAAY out. So with that said, if you are hoping that the Prime is going to launch with ICS and that is the reason for waiting for that phone, you might be waiting for something that isn't going to be there. Just my thoughts and opinion.
  4. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    That rumor leak from droidguy yesterday that you are basing your argument on is completely garbage. Even if that guy is real, it must be early proto-type running gingerbread to test functions of device. There are reports that Google already delivered finished ICS to samsung, and Eric Schmidt also said Google will unveil ICS to world on late Oct. Also bestbuy emails leaks suggest mid November release of Prime. Unless they are all lying, the latest Prime test device must be running ICS now.
  5. jikhead

    jikhead Android Expert

    I'll guess we'll see. Some may want it, but I don't plan to wait an additional month or two to upgrade. Although this thread was about this guys phone choice, I've never been a fan of the Sammy phones...they've felt more plasticy and cheap compared to the other plasticy phones. :)

    Does anyone have details on what ICS adds or improves on over GB?
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  6. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    Agreed 100%. Simple logic suggests that Droidguy said it was running GB, because otherwise he'd have to talk about ICS.

    He couldn't have said anything about ICS because he didn't see it. He didn't see it because he didn't see the Prime. I'm betting that while he was most likely present at the Verizon conference, there was no mysterious tester at all. He gave such limited info that everyone already knew.
  7. ISASoilder

    ISASoilder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hmm Either way this will be my 1st HTC hope im not disappointed.
  8. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    I don't think we have to worry about getting ICS. Look at the phones released last year. The Incredible, DroidX, Droid2 (in all variations) have all been updated or are in the process of being updated to GB (the 2nd major OS update for each of them). The OG Droid even got 2 official OS updates (Eclair & Froyo).

    So far the Fascinate looks to be the only top tier android released last year that will not be getting a 2nd major OS update. Considering how long it took them for an official Froyo update, it doesn't look good for GB.

    Beyond that the only phones that have received one update or less are midrange androids (LG Ally, Sammy Continuum, Moto Citrus, Moto Devour).

    With the rumored specs on the Vigor (dual core 1.5GHz, 1 GB RAM, HD screen) I'd actually be surprised if they also didn't get at least 2 major OS updates. HTC has been very good about supporting older devices on Verizon (except for maybe the Eris).

    The only thing that kinda sucks is not being able to take advantage of the home buttons on screen vs the dedicated capacitive buttons we currently have.
  9. pjsockett

    pjsockett Well-Known Member

    Assuming that Verizon allows HTC's recent bootloader policies, there will be at least an unofficial build of AOSP ICS available. An official sense version from HTC may take a while longer.
  10. There will be ICS version no matter what. Look at the EVO 3d bootloader that was unlocked before htc officially announced it. As long as they aren't encrypted like moto it wont be that big of a deal to get it unlocked.
  11. ISASoilder

    ISASoilder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Even tho the bootloader maybe unlocked I should not have to Root to get the Latest Firmware, IMO
  12. That is how it is with android.Rumors say prime won't be stock Android so maybe that degree some from waiting for the prime. Also a tester said the vigor was the better of the two phones so will be interesting to see if thats true.
  13. ISASoilder

    ISASoilder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As i stated B4 this will be my first HTC So I hope it impresses me others wise im Going back to the Super AMOLEDs lol
  14. Well if you like oversaturated colors you wont like the htc screens. Htc has nice contrast and they wont pop as much as SA+ but they look more realistic and that is what I want in a phone screen.
  15. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    DROID (Nexus) Prime....will most likely drop with ICS!

    Vigor on the other hand probably wont! And if it drops with the HTC TB2 moniker, well then forget about it, the original TB is still waiting on Gingerbread.
  16. rrhartjr

    rrhartjr Well-Known Member

    I don't know why everyone's in such a rush for ICS. I think I would be happy with Gingerbread, which is nice and stable by now. There's always breaking in issues, especially if ICS has been hustled out the door to be ready for the iPhone 5, just like there were with Gingerbread last year.

    I'd rather get Gingerbread now and get ICS early next year, but maybe I'm in the wrong forum then...
  17. Rumors are saying it will be named the inc hd and we can see the inc is still getting great support. They know the tb was a failure and arent going to use that name again.
  18. I agree with you. Ics is being rushed and features are being left out so they can get it out around the iPhone 5. Gb is stable atleast mostly and the dev communuty will most likely have ics for the vigor if you cant wait. Everyone thinks they want something then when its buggy they complain saying the company should have waited.
  19. Sportster

    Sportster Android Enthusiast

    Same here. I'm not anticipating ICS. There's bound to be lots of bugs with a newly released OS. So I'm probably going to get this phone. It's the first one out, I like the looks of it and the specs, I do like the Superamo+ screens except the colors are too glarish,cartoonish. ICS worries me. I can't see it being a giant leap in usefulness from the already useful GB. Not to mention with all the ROMing being done with these phones,any added useful additions can generally be found on one or the other out there. Now I'm using MIUI for my OG Droid and love it. Hurry up Oct 20th!!!!:D

  20. I agree. Not to mention it was rumored that google left out some of the real show stopper features for the next version since they pushed ics up to compete with the iphone 5 so I could see even more bugs being present and not a real leap in the OS. Plus as soon as ics is out there will be plenty of roms with it anyway so if it really is that nice then I will just load one of the roms up. I just want to see how the vigor is performance wise but most likely I will get that rather than wait on the nexus prime. I look at it this way..The longer I wait to upgrade, the longer until I can upgrade again lol. If there are 2 very similar phones hardware wise why wait the extra month if not more?
  21. Homan13PSU

    Homan13PSU Android Enthusiast

    I'm more leaning towards the Droid/Nexus/Galaxy Prime (or whatever) at this point. Granted, new OS' are buggy. But if ICS really DOES remove the soft buttons then I'd rather get in on a device that launches with ICS and is built around the new setup than one that will get upgraded and the buttons would be useless.

    Such hard decisions!
  22. The buttons wouldnt be useless though. They would still be coded for buttons just the new phones would not have buttons.
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  23. hovercraftdriver25

    hovercraftdriver25 Android Enthusiast


    I could care less about ICS at this point. MIUI on my Dinc FTW!

    Most high end HTC phones (excluding Tbolt) have had it ported over, so I hope/expect MIUI to make it to the Vigor as well. Recently tried some sense 3.5 roms and they just don't cut the mustard...granted they are not fine tuned and polished, but MIUI just offers so many other possibilities.
  24. Colchicine

    Colchicine Android Expert

    I'm in the pool of people that is looking forward to a 4.0 version, especially one that may very well be radically different from the Froyo I'm currently used to. People will inherently always look forward to the next biggest and fastest device. Arguing by saying you should be happy with GB is weak.

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