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Rgb colors test

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by enfandroid, Dec 21, 2011.

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    This is the application for the application. This program is very useful for software developers, graphic designers and anyone who wants to have fun with colors. The application can be used for previews of the layout of a form with label or to make a logo, a banner. In this program you can manually set the RGB color of the background
    and characters of the two forms and labels and see real-time RGB color values ​​and the equivalent in hexadecimal or enter the hexadecimal color value and will be converted to RGB. With this software you can save your
    customizations and to develop different projects and save, edit and delete them. This application is useful for those who
    want to try the colors of your application, for those who want to create a logo, banner or any other job and be able to
    easily carry with you to be able to view the customer or to show your work to others for having an opinion. With this application you can choose one of the 216 of the 216 browser safe colors or choose a Pantone color by clicking the "Colors" will display a list of colors with the color itself, its RGB value, its name and its hexadecimal code.

    This is a demo version, so access to some features has been disabled.



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