Help Ring Droid ringtones sped up and too loud


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I have a few files on the laptop. Got them from Phonezoo, saved to computer. I transfered them to the phone and ran RingDroid. When I play them, they're fine. I save, save as ringtone or alert, set alert or ringtone, and they're sped up quite a bit and loud as heck. What am I doing wrong????


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idk what you are doing wrong per say
but instead of having to save it to the computer and put it on the phone

keep using ringdroid

but download an app from the market(it's free) called imusic or i music(it's spelled one or the other)
and it allows you to directly download whatever song you want and save it to the sd card...

make sure you use wi-fi instead of 3g to make it go fast.

i do it this way and it works perfectly :)

also you can just upload your own music directly to your phone and still use ringdroid

i think phonezoo or whatever maybe the issue


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all the rintones are too fast. I tried the same thing. you have to download a MP3 editing program on your computer and add Silent sections. It was a whole new learning experience for me but now I can edit MP3's......

i still havent found the standard ring tone I want so I can edit it.


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Hmm... why don't you just use the standard ringtone maker? You can trim the song and put it as your ringtone. I did it for one of my songs and it has been my ringtone ever since. No 3rd party apps or anything.


I have a droid. This app worked fine until the last update. I have the same problem. However, you can just drop an mp3 file in the corresponding folder, and you can use that. mine is in media/audio/ringtones. btw.. volume isnt my problem.. its the fact that ringdroid speeds up the audio now..


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were talking about regular ring tones (not songs) i think. they have no space in between them. they are a constant ring rather than with a little break in between the sound. I tried the one that came with the phone but it won't allow it.

try it. put a normal rintone on and listen.


When i made one of my songs my ringtone, it sped up the ringtone AND the song. now the song is ruined. this is so irritating. has anyone found a ringtone maker that actually works?