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Support ring tones

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by clockworkC5, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. clockworkC5

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    i know this is a stupid question, i loaded music onto my phone, but when i got to ring tones, the only thing that comes up is the factory ringtones. another stupid question, how do you edit your contacts? i dont see anyplace to change them. also, i tried to transfer my contacts from my old finnesse, with blue tooth. it said transfer was complete and i watched the counter go through them all, but nothing in contacts. so i had to put them in one by one. theres no way to add the # without calling it first.


  2. Bird Dog

    Bird Dog Newbie

    For ringtones, attach your phone to your computer via USB and turn on usb storage. Create a folder on your SD card called ringtones (all lower case) and put your MP3's in there. They will appear in the ringtone selection list with all the pre-loaded ones.

    When I replaced my Finesse with an Optimus M, the store (MetroPCS store) offered to transfer everything for me for free. Easiest thing for you to do would probably be to bring it to a MetroPCS store (not just an authorized dealer) and tell them you just bought it. I bet they would transfer all your contacts over for free.
  3. Aplus

    Aplus Android Enthusiast

    Just go to contacts, click the menu button, click more, then import from sd card.
  4. Prime85

    Prime85 Android Expert

    if you just want to add one or two contacts go to contacts press the menu button and click new contact...

    if you want to add all your contacts the easiest way i found to do it was transfer them from my outlook (i had a 3GS before so all contacts were synced to my outlook) to my gmail account and the android phone will automatically download them.

    Transfer contacts between Outlook and Google Gmail - Outlook - Microsoft Office

    this has directions for "outlook to gmail" and "gmail to outlook"

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