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Hello Group,

I am really excited to finally announce the launch of my startup here after being learning so much here. I am founder of RingAd[0], it's an android based ringtone advertisement network.

We have launhced our RingAd android application[1], if you are an android user, you can download it from android market.

RingAd android application, plays ringtones on your phone, directly from our servers and you listen a randomly chosen ringtone each time you get calls, instead of your same ringtone. You get points for listening to ringtone advertisements, these points can be redeemed to get free mobile recharge and discount coupons.

Our idea is to make the mobile phone usage free for everyone, forever. Ad subsidized phone calls has been in to talk since last decade, but no one has done it before, we are trying to disrupt this industry.

We believe that strength of our model is that you as the user is at the centre stage and has the power to control whole experience, this is a totally opt-in service, in contrast to other form of advertisement. We believe that we have solid technology and ethics which are required to make it big.

Finally, I request you to try our app, tell your friends about it and help us spread the word[2]

Shree Kant
Founder RingAd

[0] http://ringad.net
[2]RingAd - Spice up your android phone | Facebook


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