RingDroid Issue


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Oct 21, 2009
Just got ring droid and tried to have a 30 second audio clip be my ringtone that I recorded to the phone. It only allowed me to start and stop the clip from 0 seconds to 7.49 if i try to make it the full 28 seconds and press save, the app force closes. I tried uninstalling reinstalling. What's going on?
I have the moto droid and I use ringdroid to make all of my ringtones/notifications/alarms. On my Eris I had no problems, but when I got the droid I started having some issues. My issue was every time I opened a particular mp3 that was 3 sec (text notification I downloaded on frostwire for that reason), it would force close immediately after I selected it.

I just tried to open the same mp3 several times until it allowed me (usually worked after 3-4 times), eventually it worked. I knew the file was not corrupt for that particular mp3 because I had already used ringdroid to convert that file before.