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Ringer is not loud enough

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by laughter95, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. laughter95

    laughter95 Member
    Thread Starter

    trying to delete the post to start a new thread...

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  2. harsaphes

    harsaphes Well-Known Member

    Its because the speaker is on the back of the phone.
  3. laughter95

    laughter95 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks captain obvious
  4. choffy21

    choffy21 Member

    I'm not entirely sure, but I think there are apps to make your ringtones louder, but you run the chance of blowing your speaker out.
  5. nyfinest32

    nyfinest32 Member

    Awesome response.....
  6. AgentCooper

    AgentCooper Newbie


    Mine on full ringer volume seems to be piercingly loud -- one of the first things I noticed about it. Even when its in it's "satchel" I can hear it clearly in another room.
  7. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Android Enthusiast

    Satchel? Do mean man-purse?
  8. laughter95

    laughter95 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. If more people chime in saying that theirs is loud, I might just have to call in asking for an exchange.
  9. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    the stock ones are pretty damn loud
  10. laughter95

    laughter95 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. If more people chime in saying that theirs is loud, I might just have to call in asking for an exchange.
  11. rookie1082

    rookie1082 Member

    It's European OK? Murse.
  12. huntington

    huntington Newbie

    mine is pretty loud also and even the notifications are loud too. did you adjust the ringer volume in settings?
  13. Most people complaining about this turn out to have hearing damage. I would go to ear doctor and have your checked. Im not joking.
  14. mikegaudiello

    mikegaudiello Newbie

    Mine is fairly loud, I feel like the Touch Pro I had up until the 6th rang louder though. So I did find a solution (that maybe no one wants to go through). I write music and for mastering I use a program called Sound Forge. I can use a compressor/limiter to really buff up the volume (without messing the phone up or distoring the ringers). I noticed there were no ringers I really liked, so I found an old ROM for my Touch Pro, and pulled out one of the ringers, ran it through this compressor, and the used Ringoid to put it on the phone. Now I have the ringer I'm used to hearing, and it's nice and loud! PM me, I can do it for you as well!
  15. iSEq

    iSEq Lurker

    Same here - out of the box the ringer wasn't turned all the way up but when I did, it's plenty loud (to me anyway).

    Are you sure it's all the way up (not trying to annoy you - just wondering)?
  16. laughter95

    laughter95 Member
    Thread Starter

    I know what loud is supposed to be and mine is not loud. The ringer is turned up all the way. My nextel phone had a piercingly loud ring. My e71 was loud. This is not. Sounds to be at 80%. I'll probably have to call htc soon...
  17. Did you go to the doctor yet? What did they say about your hearing?
  18. harsaphes

    harsaphes Well-Known Member

    While the ring tones themselves might be loud, I still think that because the speaker is on the back of the phone, when the phone is lying down on a surface the ringer is muted. Test it out for yourselves. It does mute it. Esp. if the phone is lying on a soft surface. The speaker placement for me has been one of the major problems i find with the phone.
    By "muted" i means softens the sound.
    I have excellent hearing.
  19. thess1

    thess1 Newbie

    Indian Jones had one!
  20. gatoro13

    gatoro13 Lurker

    Hi: I am an older person and my hearing is not what it used to be. I have problems hearing the Nexus One ringtone. I also use a Nokia N95, and this one I can hear half a block away. I love the Nexus, but I am not sure I want to keep it just as a back-up for the N95. Thanks for your advice
  21. laztpn0i

    laztpn0i Lurker

    Can any body compare/comment the sound quality and loudness between N1 and Mytouch?
  22. Lobalobo

    Lobalobo Newbie

    Mine is also way too soft; can't get it to wring loud enough despite adjustments. Maybe it's the wring tone I chose, but I doubt it. Volume in general is way too soft, the alarm, music. Definitely a problem. Would love a solution.

    New York Times reported this morning that Google is working on support, so maybe they'll address this.
  23. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    It's not a man purse! indiana jones has one!

    whooooooooo let the dogs out.. who.. who who who

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