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MY Evo stops ringing after a brief half ring on an incoming call. It doesn't always do it. But I notice it more now. Does anyone else have this issue? Anyone know a fix?:thinking:


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Change the slot cycle index by doing this...


Perhaps I can try to bullet this:

* Call Sprint

* Ask for "Advanced Technical Service"

* Explain to them that you would like to change your Slot Index Cycle from '2' to either '1' or '0'

* Go to the phone dialpad and type in ##3282#

* After you hit the last '#' symbol, it's going to say "initializing"

* Next, it's going to want to know if you want to go into "view mode" or "edit mode"

Next steps require here the help of Sprint Support:

* Select "edit mode"

* It asks for a password

* Enter MSL number (must get from the Sprint representative)

* Go to the "Advance" tab in the "edit mode"

* Scroll down to Slot Index Cycle (it's going to be set to '2)

* Tap it and change it to '0'

* Once back in the "edit menu" hit the hard button menu button (next to the trackball) to bring up the save option to save your new settings

* This will save and reboot the phone


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I forgot to add that although it stops ringing the phone is still telling me there is a call coming in for about 10 seconds. Just hate that I miss calls if i'm not next to my phone because it rang for half a second and I didn't hear it.
Is this procedure above for the prob I have or if it rings for a sec and then the call is gone?


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Thanks. That's odd though cuz when it does ring normal its a long ringtone and its one of the ones on the phone. I was thinking if it was quiet ring on pickup option making it stop since it is vibrating also.


I've had my Evo for about a month and lately i noticed the exact same problem. It's definitely not an issue related to the length of the ringtone. During some incoming calls the ringtone will play all the way out until i either answer it or it rings enough for the voicemail to get it. But several times a day it will play for 1 second and the sound goes out, but the screen lets me know i have an incoming call. I have not changed any settings so i don't know why it just started happening. Not to mention sometimes the phone will ring for 1 or 2 seconds and then send the call straight to voicemail before i can answer it. Annoying!!!!!