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ringer volume

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mark5019, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. mark5019

    mark5019 Member
    Thread Starter

    is there any app to make it louder?
    i have it turned all way up and i dont here it if im a sleep.

    lg optimus m

  2. martyn357

    martyn357 Member

    Not that I know of, put on vibrate and put it under your pillow...thats what I have to do sometimes
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  3. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Android Enthusiast

    Agree with suggestion for putting on vibrate.

    And if you haven't already, you could try downloading a louder ringtone from Zedge. That might help a little.

    Market also has some apps (below) that might help:

    Rooted phones:
    Volume+ FREE by: Meltus (Cyanogen Mod 7 or MIUI ROM is HIGHLY recommended) (free no 7-day trial)
    Volume+ (Sound Boost) by: Meltus -$1.53

    Non-Rooted phones:
    Volume Boost - Kibohely (not sure if will work on Lg Opt M) NO ROOT NEEDED / 7 days trial -after its $2.01)

    There may be a few others - HTH
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  4. mark5019

    mark5019 Member
    Thread Starter

    ill try after payday thank you both
  5. arnould

    arnould Member

    You can make your own ringtones and use audacity to make them loud.

    Java Programming
  6. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Android Enthusiast

    Yes read a little on this^^ - seems like it would be a good idea :) - where can one get audacity and do they charge?
  7. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Android Enthusiast

    Note: Above is free - I mistakenly added 7-day trial - so if your phone is rooted- you may not have to wait til payday :)
  8. Aplus

    Aplus Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, Audacity is free. Just google it. I've used that program for a while.
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  9. mark5019

    mark5019 Member
    Thread Starter

    well as im a toltal idiot i wont root as id screw up a brick and then still not have it:)
  10. Aplus

    Aplus Android Enthusiast

    You don't have to root to use custom ringtones.
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