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Jul 26, 2011
My S2 changes the ringtone automatically as and when it feels. Is there something that can be done to fix it.
There isn't even any pattern to the change of tones!!
Are you sure you've not got individual contacts out grouped assigned ringtones or are you saying when you go into view the default ringtone setting it is actually changing there?
no, i havent assigned tones to any group or contact.
I'm saying after around 5-6 calls my phone rings a different tone than I had set earlier.
Does it ring the same wrong ring tone?

Is the Ring tone you are using on your SD card? If so and you have your SG2 connected to a computer, the SD card might be mounted as a drive and the phone can not access the ring tone and substitutes another.

Just saying as this used to happen on my Blackberry when mounted until I moved my ring tones onto the device from the card.:)
No idea how it is doing that - but if you find out please tell us. I wouldn't mind mine working that way for a while!!