ringtone exception ??

Does anyone know of a way to add an exception to the silent profile? i work nights and my phone is put on silent but i would like it to ring with sound for certain contacts ie wife,kids school and childminder i had a blackberry and could do it on that. is there a way or program that would do this
You can specify a ringtone for diffeernt contacts. If you go into contacts, then select the person, Then hit the menu button on the phone, then select "options", then hit ringtone, you can specify a ringtone for that person. I use the app Zedge to get cool ringtones and wallpapers.. but there are several android ringtones too choose from.

If you want it to be silent for everyone but a specific person you could set the default ringtone to silent..(menu, settings, sound & display, phone ringtone, first on the list should be "silent") anyone that you have set a specific ringtone for under your contacts will remain the same, the people that have been left as default, will get whatever you set as the default too..silent or whatever.

Hope that helps.


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it does a bit but i think chaging all contacts to silent etc would be a nightmare lol thought maybe a progran to allow maybe more profiles might work but dont know what to do