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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ringtone Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by BNair724, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. BNair724

    BNair724 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    :thinking::thinking::thinking: Hi I have a Droid 3 and I bought a ringtone on the VCast Tones App and I dont know how to make it the ringtone I hear when I recieve a txt message. I went to Notification ringtones and I dont see it on there but I see it as a ringtone for an incoming call but i want it as a txt message tone...someone help me :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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  2. leo9891

    leo9891 Member

    For SMS tones, I don't think that the companies/apps/whoever make ringtones, make them available at SMS Tones. You shouldn't even pay for ringtones! Its such a waste when you can make your own they way you want, and even make it to go off as a SMS Tone.

    Just grab your MP3 song and a audio file editor. Of course this will require a PC, but there are apps in the Android Market that allow you to edit a MP3 File and select what part you want to play.

    If you are using the PC method, you have to put the file in certain folders. For a ringtone, you put it in Audio/Ringtones. For a SMS tone, you put it in Audio/Notifications.

    *NOTE* The ringtone can only be 30 Seconds long. IDK if it has a file size limit, but I haven't ran into any yet.

    If you are using the Android App method, all you do is edit the audio file and it will store it for you automatically.

    This is by far the easiest, but if you want more tools to modify the audio file such as fading in or out, or amplifying the whole or just certain parts of the MP3 file, then the PC method is your best friend.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: When I was typing this, I kinda went off course in my head and completely forgot about your topic! There are no apps that will save an audio file as a SMS Tone, but like I said, you can use the PC method for this. If you don't want to use your PC, try creating a regular ringtone using Ringdroid, and save it. Then use a File Application (can't think of one off the top of my head ATM) and move the Audio file to its respected place, Audio/Notifications.

    Doing this should help you get a custom SMS Tone. I've used the PC method as its simple for me, but you will get the same results using the method I just mentioned, just might have more steps.
  3. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    Leo's reply is very informative but it does not answer the original question in my view.

    I downloaded two free ringtones yesterday, one for phone and one for notifications, now I cannot find how to transfer them to the sounds files listing. The notification one is the meerkat04 file telling me I have a message and the other is a ring tone for calls.

    I am about to go in via KIES to see if I can manually transfer files into sounds and also delete the obnoxious childish ones.
  4. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    Well KIES is no help, I cannot see phone files in there. Back to square 1 .....
  5. leo9891

    leo9891 Member

    Download ASTRO, that was the app I was thinking of to move files around in your Phone and SD Card. By default it has hidden folders/files, so when in the ASTRO app, click the Settings button and click "Show Hidden Files".

    This should help you.

    Oh, and the correct folder placements are:
    Ringtones - "Media/Audio/Ringtones/"
    Text/SMS - "Media/Audio/Notifications/"

    Forgot the Media Folder.
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  6. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    As an experiment I created the media/audio/notifications already and put my notification tone in it, the phone cannot see it. The ringtone one works perfectly, Both tones are mp3. Will check out Astro in a moment.

    Edit: sorted. It was my fault - in notifications I omitted the 's' from the folder name. I downloaded ASTRO and spotted the error straight away. I moved the tone into notifications and it works perfectly.

    Take A bow!
  7. leo9891

    leo9891 Member

    Glad to help. Custom tones are so much better than the stock ones.
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