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Ringtone Issue?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by latinmaxima, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I did some searching and haven't found a similar issue. I also don't know if this is related to using Ringdroid or Android 1.5 or my phone. Please let me know if you have run into this though. Also I have contact Ringdroid for any feedback as well.

    I have created several ringtones, alarms and notification tones using ringdroid. It creates the sd>media>audio>ringtones, alarms and notifcations

    It is fine if I turn the phone off however if I have mounted the sd card to access the sd card via my computer. I correctly safeley remove the connection and the sd card checks for errors and loads fine. My mp3 player is where I stopped. Pictures load fine.

    However all of my tones assigned via my folder list above display as unknown and I get a wierd ringtone. It never recovers the tone unless I go back in and re assign.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? Whether using Ringdroid or simply creating the folder list and using it that way on the sd card or any other ringtone creator or custom tones.

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  2. mystee_raven

    mystee_raven Lurker

    I am experiencing the same problem. I have also created several ringtones using zedge and myxer.com. For some reason today my phone started ringing this aweful ringtone and it also sounds like there is some sort of static interruption in between the rings. And same as you all of my tones assigned in my folder list also display unknown ringtone.
    Can anyone help us out???
  3. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I happen to use ringdroid and had this happen once. I had connected my moment to the computer and when I unhooked it the sd card didn't un mount correctly. I had to go in and reassign the ringers after power cycling the phone. It was fine again. Not sure if that helps but hopefully
  4. mystee_raven

    mystee_raven Lurker

    I have started to reassign the ringtones too. This could be a long process (lol) but I hope it will work. Another thing I have noticed since I started to do this is that some of the ringtones that I had assigned to people are missing. Any tips on that one? Thanks for your response. I am new to the android world so any tips or ticks would be helpful.
    Thanks again!
  5. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Some of mine were missing too initially. I went into Ringdroid and selected to view all mp3's. It re pulled them and I could select them from the list again. However this hasn't happened again for quite sometime. Hopefully it doens't do it again. Also make sure you aren't moving folders and directories when exploring your phone or that could cause it too.
  6. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    I've noticed if I have the SD card unavailable for long periods of time (if it's mounted for my PC or mac to see it, for example) a lot of things happen to my sounds and my gallery ... most of the time a reset fixes it... sometimes I have to unmount before reseting. At worst once I had to go and reassign all my sounds after doing this. The system doesn't seem to handle files temporarily disappearing when the SD card is unavailable very well.
  7. Bigjohn

    Bigjohn Member

    Hmm. Quite probably why they don't let you install apps to the SD card... WinMo got that worked out... but not in Android yet, eh?
  8. decalex

    decalex Android Enthusiast

    Somewhat related, has anyone experienced duplication of a bunch of their ringtones? I have dupes of most of mine, somehow, and Ringdroid FC's if I try to remove any of them. Not sure exactly where to start. I've read through the Sticked FAQ and sorted my my media files accordingly, and still not helping.
  9. decalex

    decalex Android Enthusiast

  10. rawnog

    rawnog Lurker

    My ringdroid said it was saved successfully to a specific contact, but that contact still has the default ringtone. Anyone know why? I also tried to go into contacts to assign a ringtone that way, but I get the pop-up box saying "complete action using Android System or Zedge." No options to access the ringtones in the folder on my SD card. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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