May 30, 2011
Georgia, USA
My friend has the Casio Commando, and we used an app called ringtone maker. It turns songs into 30 second long ringtones then sets them for you. For phonecalls it works fine. When it comes to notifications it doesn't. You can set it in the app and it will show up in the sound settings as being set. Though the notification sound doesn't change. Also setting it to silent doesn't work either still plays. Even changing the tone to a pre-loaded one still stays to the default one. Any ideas?
if the phone is rooted copy the notification ringtone to the folder where the relevant tones are. with my phone its system/media/audio/notifications. the phone will prob reboot. aft scanning media happens u shud b ok to select the ringtone
Connect your phone to a computer. On your SD card create a folder named notifications. Copy the sound you want as a notification to this folder.
yeah... heres the short version.. notification in the devices main menu is for E-mail... go into the text message system (or what ever else you are trying to get for a notification) tap menu>settings>scroll down, check notifications>select rigntone.

Good luck

EDIT: BTW I use Myxer, it saves into the subroot notifications folder so they are available in all the programs, text, email, alarm etc. your may not, if you insist on using it then you may have to follow some of space wranglers solution before mine will work.