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Ringtones malfunction on Samsung A10s

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by pathfinder73, Aug 13, 2021.

  1. pathfinder73

    pathfinder73 Lurker
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    Good evening!
    The Samsung A10s cell phone, after the newest updating to install Android 11 and One UI pack, had a horrible sound, a lot of hisses, it sounded like amateur radio. The only solution was to downgrade until Samsung releases a decent patch for this update.
    However, after the downgrade, the device's default ringtones disappeared almost all, and the option to test the few ringtones that were left does not exist. I need to choose a ringtone and wait for someone to call me to find out what the ringtone is like.
    I downloaded a ringtone in mp3 and put it in the Ringtones folder, and the sound manager lists the file, but it also doesn't allow testing, I have to choose and wait for a call... it's ridiculous, isn't it?

    I ask you: which Android system app tests the sound of ringtones before applying? might it be locked after the downgrade?
    Is there any website where I can find the default A10s cell phone ringtone pack to manually put in the Ringtones folder?

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