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Roaming Indicator Off stuck on notification bar

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by spookzilla, Feb 5, 2020.

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    Hello, I just switched from Sprint to a Verizon MVNO and a few weird things are happening and I can't seem to find a lot of info or help for it. After sticking the new SIM in, it said it was connecting to "." and then it updated apps for "." After that, where Sprint or US Mobile should be located at the top left, it says "Roaming Indicator Off" instead. In the network settings it says the network provider is "roaming indicator off" lol.

    The APN list is a dozen of Verizon related ones, and Verizon Internet is selected. I was told by support to use https://www.4gapn.com/us/en/verizon APN settings to add another one. The top left then read "Searching for Service" and I had LTE while it was searching but after 2 or so minutes it shut off and read "Emergency calls Only". I've tried putting the Sprint sim back in and fiddling with the settings there and switching back to the US Mobile sim, and it started to try to activate to the network but eventually failed and gave error code 6604. I'm assuming it was trying to connect to Sprint? Someone suggested taking a Verizon sim and seeing if that can install the Verizon personality on the phone, since it was still running Sprint OMADM and was in an in-between stage of being both Sprint and Verizon. I found an old Verizon droid and put the sim in. It got it to recognize as a Verizon sim, and now it boots up saying Hello Verizon, downloaded the apps and waited a while. Started to look good, it said it couldn't activate service but I'm assuming because there isn't any on it? Popped the US Mobile sim back in and still saying Roaming Indicator Off. MMS still doesn't work either. Also noticed I have a new APN, LTE Verizon Internet. I have another phone with an active Verizon service on it, but I'm not sure if that will work either. Maybe I'm more in Verizon land than no man's land now.. At least I'm getting somewhere.

    I should also add this is on a Galaxy S9+ and was leased, I bought it out over a week ago. MMS is also not working. Data, and VoLTE are though.

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