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Rock Band series

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Deleted User, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
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    Anyone up here play Rock Band 2 or the other games in the series?

    I sing on Expert, and I can do most songs not called Spoonman or either of the Jackson 5 songs.

    I can play bass or guitar on medium, but the drums stop me dead even on Easy. Can't get a rhythm. The guitars, I don't have the hand-eye coordination/speed.

    My wife and I have a total of 625 songs. We don't even have half the available content, but we have the best. (The link goes to a Google spreadsheet that lists all our songs and the year, difficulty, and other information; if you prefer MyRockBandSongs.com, I have an updated listing there as well.)

    I've searched on the Android marketplace, and I don't see a single Rockband app. I'm disappointed. A score tracker would be nice (personal, I mean; I know I could just hit up ScoreHero on Opera Mini), or maybe something that displays the optimal path (on ScoreHero) for whatever song.

  2. Guitar100

    Guitar100 Lurker

    I`m just beginning to play on hard (Drums)..... My daughter plays guitar,my son on bass and daughters friend sings.They all play on med.The time goes so fast when playing.Love Rockband.....
  3. gallandof

    gallandof Android Expert

    huge fan of the game, me and my friends love to have rockband nights where we'll hang out and just jam out to some of our favorite songs, Im usuallu the drummer (hard most some expert,) and vocalist for the songs I like.
  4. Ninja Monkey

    Ninja Monkey Android Enthusiast

    I have Rock Band 2 and The Beatles game. I play the drums pretty well. My wife likes to sing.
  5. Member138406

    Member138406 Guest
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    I have played video games since Atari, but I just cant play this game at all.. I can only play guitar on like medium... And I can barely do drums on easy.. lol =(
  6. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
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    Don't sweat it on the harder difficulties. Apparently they track who plays what on what instrument and on what difficulty (there's even a site that accesses this information, I forget the name though) and they've said that "a low single-digit percent" of users play on Expert. So the kids and elitists might say "Expert or go home" but the majority would tend to disagree with them. Medium is fair for most people. Expert is... very hard. My wife and her brother both play on Expert Drums.. and the charts are pretty crazy.

    Well, you remember Simon then, right? Circular device, about 10" across, about 4" deep, had the four colored buttons, and you followed the pattern? Same thing, only with two hands and timing. Rock Band is a fairly new kind of game -- there hasn't been anything like it. Well, aside from the various knockoffs -- the recent Guitar Hero games, Power Gig, Rock Revolution, etc.

    (Yes, Guitar Hero is the knockoff, despite coming first, how's that work? Guitar Hero was created by Harmonix, who made a couple music games on the PlayStation 2. And it was published by that evil empire known as Activision, which bought the "Guitar Hero" name. Anyway, when Harmonix wanted to make a full-band Guitar Hero, Activision said no. Their contract was up, so they went to EA, and made the full-band Guitar Hero game, but couldn't use the name, so they called it Rock Band. Activision contracted Neversoft, previously best known for the Tony Hawk games, to continue. Neversoft made Guitar Hero 3 just before Rock Band came out, and then Guitar Hero: Aerosmith after. As GH3's popularity waned, Activision realized Harmonix was right with the "full-band" idea, so they threw "GH World Tour" together. The vocals pretty much didn't work, but the drums looked cool. As of the demo for the new GH, they still haven't gotten the vocals working, it seems the feature is there more to say that they have every instrument Rockband does... Although GH6 won't have a keyboard, won't have vocal harmonies, and it won't be able to be played with a real guitar modified to work both with your Xbox or PlayStation system, and with a real amp in the "real world".)

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