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Rockets In Space (by Two Sore Thumbs)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iTP, Feb 10, 2021.

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    Rocket In Space is the ultimate space battle! Tap the screen to launch your rockets into the planet to destroy it. Watch out! Avoid hitting the rockets on the planet, otherwise, it's game over! Make sure to fire your rockets at the right time, target carefully and become a Rocket In Space Master! In this new addictive casual game action, focus and timing are a must. Each planet you destroy allows you to pass to the next level - Destroy as many planets as you can to unlock new rockets! Rockets In Space features: - Addictive and "easy to play, hard to master" gameplay. - Many different levels! Discover different planets and destroy them all! - Keep calm! Hold your nerves, be fast and never lose your focus. - Unlock new rockets to keep the challenge on! Past the sky, space is waiting for you to conquer it! Can you destroy all the planets? ---- Become a fan of Rockets In Space and help us to make it a top free mobile game for kids and adults on Google Play Store!


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Rockets In Space

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