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Rogers HTC Magic Exchange Sync Weirdness

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nightzone, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. nightzone

    nightzone Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all, I got a HTC Magic a couple of weeks ago, and I've noticed a few weird behaviour.

    1) Contacts Syncing doesn't work after a while. I had it synced when I first got it setup, but now it will give me a sync error...

    2) My exchange calendar's attendees goes missing. I see them on the phone, but in outlook, all of the attendees are missing and updates to meetings are NOT reflected in exchanges, and hence will not be reflect on my phone.

    Number 2 is the biggest issue. Has anyone else seen this?

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  2. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    I'm having the first issue... still in talks with IT to solve it. HTC has no information to offer, they say it's an Exchange issue and I should talk to IT. If I find anything I'll let you know.

    Are you getting the error 'An error has occurred on the computer running Exchange' or are you getting 'System out of memory'? If it's the latter, I got that after I installed Facebooksync to get my contacts' pictures on my device. The former I'm still working on. I noticed my company admin changed my policies at midnight tonight, I hard reset and synced, so far so good. But that error usually occurs a few hours into the operation of the device.

    I don't use meeting attendees and such, so I can't help with the second issue unfortunately.
  3. nightzone

    nightzone Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm getting the "An error has occurred on the computer running Exchange" error...And exactly, it happens after a few hours...

    But the meeting attendees issue is most concerning. What's the worst about it is when I am just an attendee for a meeting, any further updates to the meeting doesn't get reflected in outlook.
  4. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    Contact HTC Support. They just emailed me saying they got another case that they're looking in to and because it's not isolated they're gonna try and solve it. Yay!

    HTC - Support

    They're gonna ask you for all your serial, IMEI numbers and and a screen shot of the error. I'm guessing you can use a digital camera for that. The error hasn't popped back up on my screen yet. It's been 12 hours since I got a message on Outlook stating that the administrator has changed my security policy and I need to restart outlook.

    In the meantime, contact HTC, let's see what they can do to solve the problem. I trialed Touchdown late last night and it worked flawlessly, so HTC should improve their software IMO.
  5. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    The error came back around 1 :(
    I took a picture of it and sent it off to HTC along with the rest of the info they asked for. If enough people point out that there is this problem then maybe they'll fix it. At least I have push calendar and email for now.
  6. kvernga86

    kvernga86 Lurker

    I also have a problem with syncing my exchange contacts. The problem occures the same way as described above. Will send a mail to HTC.
  7. erikg

    erikg Lurker


    I know this is a bit off subject, but I'm hoping you can help me anyways. I recently got the HTC dream and I've been having problems getting it to sync with exchange using activesync. My question is, when you enter the information, are you using the same information that you use for OWA? (i.e.: OWA's URL) or does the information mirror what you see in your outlook configuration? Reason why I'm asking is we use a different server address for OWA, and I'm not sure if the phone will receive/send e-mails through OWA via HTTP or if it actually connects to exchange like my outlook client does. I'm spoke to our IT admin but we're blackberry shop and he doesn't want anything to do with this since everyone who has mobile e-mail uses a BB and I guess I'm one of the few (or the only one!) who got an HTC already.. I'm sure if an exec of ours would get one he would change his mind but I'm not important enough for that :p

    Adding to the confusion I guess is, I don't know enough about Active Directory/Exchange. For an example, the e-mail address I give out is say, erik.godin@domaina.com, however in several internal systems I must login with erik.godin@domainb.com... also, if I pull up Active Directory Users and Computers, our domain is called "DOMAINAAA" while if I must login to a system, I usually need to use "DOMAINBBB\username". This really adds to the confusion. In the end, I'll have to try to convince him to sit down with me and connect to the exchange server and keep an eye on the log files while I'm trying to connect, however if I could get this going without him would be the best.

    Thanks in advance
  8. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    owa server for sure
    looks like your username is the same no matter the circumstance
    try the different domains until one works
    make sure to check SSL at the bottom if you use SSL encryption

    hope that helps
  9. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    glad to hear its a widespread issue, hopefully the exchange client will be updated for us

    are you liking the phone otherwise?
  10. nightzone

    nightzone Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Phone's has been great otherwise, but the only thing is the piano black paint is a fingerprint magnet. I had an HTC Dash (S621) before the magic, and the rubberized coating was better IMHO.
  11. woodrowr

    woodrowr Lurker

    I am experiencing both problems described here and also am particularly concerned with losing the attendee data from my appointments.

    I have also noticed that calendar category data and private labels are stripped out when my device syncs. Anyone else having this problem? If there is no fix forthcoming from HTC I'm going to have to switch back to windows. :(
  12. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Lurker

    I reset my phone and the problem came back (error for contact sync)
    I tried out Touchdown and while the solution is not perfect, it is acceptable.
    The speed and responsiveness of the phone is just too good to go back to windows....I had an Xperia X1 but will be sticking with the Magic until, the Pre is available or wait for Android 2.0 to see what will be out there.
  13. woodrowr

    woodrowr Lurker

    Any idea if this solution also addresses the calendar sync issues?

    Has anyone received a response from HTC about these issues?
  14. woodrowr

    woodrowr Lurker

    I received this (not very useful) reply from HTC support. I jumped through their hoops and replied that the issue persists. Hopefully now someone will actually look at the issue.

    From HTC support:

    Hello Woodrow, Thank you for your inquiry regarding Exchange ActiveSync on your HTC Magic device from Rogers. We understand that it is important you receive all the information to best utilize your device. Please delete and re-establish your Exchange ActiveSync account. Verify whether or not your Exchange server requires secure socket layer (SSL) and check or clear the SSL box as appropriate. Adjust your synchronization settings by pressing HOME > MENU, and then touch Settings > Data synchronization > Exchange ActiveSync. Next press MENU and then touch Settings. Change the general settings and mail and calendar settings according to your preference, and press BACK after you are done. If your issue persists, please provide us with as much detail as possible regarding the error. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. I hope we have answered your question in detail, Woodrow. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions. In order to improve our service, I would like to invite you to participate in a survey on the worldwide HTC website at HTC Online Survey. HTC Technical Support HTC HTC Smartphone Wiki - HTC
  15. johansenit

    johansenit Lurker

    probs with attendees as well. :-(

    Could it be the version of the Echange server? We have 2007...
  16. hondaguy

    hondaguy Member

    I use a hosted exchange server for my own private use so I have never tried to send out a meeting request with attendees. I do have a small issue with reoccurring appointments, though. If I create a reoccuring appt in outlook it syncs fine with my magic, but if I edit the appt on the phone I end up with a duplicate entry in my calendar. Changes made on my phone will not show up in my outlook
  17. woodrowr

    woodrowr Lurker

    On the issue of items created on the device that don't sync, I am an idiot. I thought that the device defaulted to the last calendar selection used (which I still think it should) when in fact you have to select the exchange calendar each time.

    On the other issues, I heard back from HTC who have promised to provide me with a debug tool to diagnose the contacts sync issue. I have to say I'm fairly impressed by their responsiveness. They clearly understand that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

    They have not said anything, though about the issue some of us are experiencing with appointment ownership and other data being lost form calendar items after sync. I have asked them again about this and will update if I get anything back.
  18. woodrowr

    woodrowr Lurker

    Thanks, Jeremy. However, I am in need of a solution that syncs directly with Exchange server. Being able to sync tasks would be great, though. This is still going to be a drawback of the Android platform even if Exchange sync is working perfectly for Mail, Calendar and Contacts.
  19. johansenit

    johansenit Lurker

    Got this from HTC yesterday:

    HTCSync is fairly basic and would seemingly not support meetings attendees. I will pass this on to the development team.
    Meanwhile I can only suggest that if it is allowed you might use a program such as Google Calendar Sync which will syncrhonise calendar events with Google (hopefully including meetings and their attendees) and thus synchronise with your Magic.

    Its quite clear, that this has to be a question for the developmenttam, as it has the capability to import (and keep) the atendees on the Magic, but deletes them in Outloook during the sync.
  20. hondaguy

    hondaguy Member

    i do that as a back up. i set google calendar sync to sync my outlook calendar entries over to google calender, but not to sync from google calendar. this way if there was ever an issue with my exchange server data i could just manually sync my google calendar to my device and i would have all of my entries back. i have it set to do it every 8 hrs or so.
  21. johansenit

    johansenit Lurker

    I got this new answer form HTC-helpdesk (quite amased by their responsivenes!)

    I will forward the problem to the development team, I haven't heard of this problem before and would not have thought that HTC Sync would delete anything on a Microsoft Exchange server but maybe it when it sends the synchronised calendar event it is sending one without attendees to meetings.

    If I hear of any updates to the HTC Sync program I will let you know. I know there are other programs on the Android Market that can synchronise with Microsoft Exchange so perhaps one of those will be able to sync the attendees.

    So, they havn't heard about it before? Well, guys pls make a helpdesk-case ;-)

  22. woodrowr

    woodrowr Lurker

    I have found their responsiveness pretty good, also. However, it sounds like my guy should be talking to your guy.
  23. woodrowr

    woodrowr Lurker

    I've just noticed yet another issue with the HTC exchange calendar sync: All day appointments in Outlook like stat holidays, birthdays, etc. which begin with "Show Time As" set to Free, change to Busy after sync. This ends up showing my co-workers that I am unavailable to meet with them on my friend's birthday, for example.

    Anyone else seeing this behaviour? If so, I will add it to the growing list that I have been providing HTC tech support and dev.
  24. argolnx

    argolnx Lurker

    I've got the same error and the support center from HTC has requested me to call a number to get error, but i'm pretty sure that they don't care about this error, so I've found a solution....
    Firt of all, i think that the error of syncing the contacts is an error on the phone, not on the server (i administer my server and wasn't able to find any error on that....), so what kind of error could be? Maybe an error on the data...
    So i've cleaned all my contacts (i've made a copy on a exchange folder before deleting it) but the error still remain the same... So i've removed the exchange account on the phone, re-entered the data and the system now sync without problems (and no contacts was found....)
    I've addedd all the contact, in group of 10 to find the error but i really unable to find it.... and the system now sync all the contacts without problems... it's a magical error?
    Really don't know... i hope on the next release they can give out some error code to try to solve this problem in a easy way..... bye!
  25. argolnx

    argolnx Lurker

    I've called HTC support cause i've found a way to reproduce the error. In fact you are not able to sync contacts with GMAIL and EXCHANGE. If you do that, you will get the error. To clean this error, you should remove the exchange account and put again the configuration, but on the first sync with GMAIL the error will come back.
    So, for the moment, simply disable the automatic sync to GMAIL.
    HTC says that they know this error, but at the moment they are considering it a "limit", not an error. A patch will be released to solve this problem, but they don't know when... cause only a small part of customer are experiencing this problem (a lot of people has the "google" branded version that doesn't have exchange plugin)... So if you want this problem solved simply call the HTC support line (the online form simply tells you to call the support center, don't spend time on it...)
    The link for the HTC support center:
    HTC ? Support ? Customer Service ? Support via Hotline


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