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Rogers LG Eve Android Update

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by Deleted User, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Android Enthusiast

    1.6 is still ancient thow and chances are it wont move past that. Atleast with the X10 you get 1.6 and it will be updated to 2.* or with the asus it ships with 2.0. Don't get stuck with an ancient os.


  2. britbloke

    britbloke Member

    The X10 and Eve are 2 very different phones, and are priced differently because of this. You can't simply dismiss the Eve because the X10 is coming out soon. There will be a big price difference between the 2 and it's always been true that the Eve is a great entry level Android phone, whereas the X10 is aimed at a much target market.

    IMO, the Eve would be a good phone to get now. The hardware keyboard is excellent, one of the best you can get, even compared to the Milestone. The Eve WILL get the 1.6 update which doesn't impose many restrictions but does give a nice update over 1.5, especially when you use the Marketplace app.
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    This change log thing seems to be an issue with not just LG but with HTC also. And when we met with Rogers, we told them about it.

    I'll follow up with Cheryl from LG to see if she can provide a list of changes for the maintenance release for the LG.

    Glad to hear that some of the issues seem to be fixed. Were you having issues with the screen freeze? If so, was that fixed as well?
  4. Torontonian

    Torontonian Lurker

    Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of the Rogers Android community.
    I have not experienced this screen freeze but did have the entire device freeze up several times. The only remedy was to remove the battery. Since the update, these occurrences have reduced significantly.
  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    For anyone wanting to jump to the LG Eve, I would strongly suggest not to. Personally, the benefit of getting a device which only has a upgrade roadmap (agreed to) up to 1.6 is pointless. Any product, in my opinion, shipping with 1.6 is pointless when 2.1 has been out and implemented in several phones.

    Having said that, although the X10 is going to be released with 1.6 and has "somewhat confirmed" plans from Sony yo upgrade to 2.1, I am really skeptical about what these PR/Marketing folks say. I'll believe it when I see it.

    Having said that (again!), having played with the Acer Liquid for mere few minutes, first hand experience I found it clunky and oddly shaped. It felt more like a heavy kit kat bar then anything else.

    Just giving you my opinion. Of course, if you really ask me I would say shell out the $600 and get the Nexus One, the long-term benefits will outweigh the short-term savings of a subsidized phone.

    But given that not everyone can afford a Nexus One (technically if you can afford getting locked into a 3-year contract, you should be able to afford a Nexus One!), my recommendation would be to get the X10 and hope that it really does get updated to 2.1. The X10 is a sleek little device, I may just go out and buy one out right from Rogers.
  6. Torontonian

    Torontonian Lurker

    My number one issue with the Nexus One is the lack of physical keyboard. I hate touch-only phones. The device looks like a larger version of the original HTC Touch...nothing special in the looks department. I am waiting for a nice 2.1 with a keyboard...I do not know of any yet. Apparently only TWO phones are shipping right now with 2.x.
  7. eskae

    eskae Lurker

    Does anyone know if the update still works? I did tried it today and I got nothing.

    On the LGMobile Support Tool it says Model: GW620R Version: V10C

    Everything looks good so far but when it gets to the ANALYSIS part, I have to close it because it says "Software update is not supported for this model"

  8. c4cho

    c4cho Newbie

    I was out of town.... a bit late to respond
    In this case, you can do the following
    1. Reinstall the driver based on your provider at the bottom of the page. For example, ROGERS.
    2. DO NOT turn on DEBUG mode, which prevents model recognition. (Leave if OFF)
    3. If you experience "Looping" problem that the software re-install itself again and again, you may disregard the installation during the 2nd attempt (do not touch it / no further action with it) and find the core sync program and update your phone.
    4. If you are using Vista or Window 7, you need to bypass all security barriers before having it install

    Hope it help
  9. eskae

    eskae Lurker

    Why does this keep happening to me??

    So I did what you said and it finally works.. I got to download the update and now it goes right to the UPDATE stage. HOWEVER... it doesn't go past 4%!!! Of course it says "do not disconnect the USB cable and battery from your phone". It says this update should take only 10 minutes.

    It was taking way more than 10 minutes then the instructions changed and said that there was a problem with connecting my PC with the phone. It told me to take out the cable, remove the battery, then put the battery back in, then connect it to my computer, turn my phone on and press "Restart".

    This is the second attempt and it is still stuck at 4%..

    Am I the only one dealing with this misfortune???!!
    And I'm slightly panicking inside because I DO NOT want to screw my phone up..
  10. britbloke

    britbloke Member

    Have you tried using a different computer. I've had problems using my Win 7 64 bit and the LG updater, but tried again on my Win7 32bit and it worked first time.
  11. c4cho

    c4cho Newbie

    Nothing about luck in this case
    In my experience updating PDA phones, such as iPHONE, Android and BB, the time frame (system update) is about 30 to 90 min.
    Please disregard 10 min suggestion.
    In this case, because it was installed 4% and terminated, the system might not be able to go forward again.

    Please try again for 45 min
    If necessary with no option, you may reset the phone system.

    Also, you may call your provider for replacement (with any physical reason you pick)

    Hope it helps
  12. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Android Enthusiast


    It Does not take 30 - 45 minutes to update the software on android. 10 Minutes at the most. If the update started an then terminated chances are the phone is bricked. Put it into Bootloader mode and try to flash the update again. If it doesn't work its bricked call rogers
  13. c4cho

    c4cho Newbie

    I am suggesting based on my actual experience. I tested this software with all existing systems, XP, Vista and w7. Obviously, LG update software has so many bugs

    The timing is including BACKUP and LOADING as a whole.

    For framework update, it is based on the process speed of your computer. In the case of XP, single core, it will take much longer than Vista with dual core or w7 with x4 cores.

    In the example of iphone and itunes, it took me 45 minutes with one of my XP, single core, AMD.

    Sounds like the phone is still up on running....
    I only respond for helping other; nothing else.

    Hope it helps
  14. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Android Enthusiast

    Okay i can promise you that 90% of the people on these forums don't own machines that slow as their main computer. Most people here are Technophiles and geeks including myself.
  15. c4cho

    c4cho Newbie

    In this case, XP is the best solution.

    For different senerios, I have 3 versions of windows with different laptops and desktops.
    By the way, please also be aware that laptop is far slower than desktop in all cases.

    Note: I personally use XP, x1 core for all peripherial updates and leave the x4 cores, 16g mem, 2t as a mini server, P2P while my x2 cores is good for Unix

  16. jscrimshaw

    jscrimshaw Newbie

    Anyone hear anything new about the update to 1.6.. I'm thinking not but it was worth a try.
  17. grimlock1234

    grimlock1234 Lurker

    I am attempting to run the updater on my XP box and after I have installed the USB driver successfully (as far as I can tell), I can never manage to start updating. It always says that the phone is disconnected (whether I have the SD card in or not, whether I mounted the drive from the phone or not). When I tried to read phone info, it says "Port(or device) not found".

    Any ideas?
  18. abundantmind

    abundantmind Lurker


    Jeez, I wish I'd read this forum before buying the Korean version of the LG Eve (here it's the KH-5200...catchy name, eh?).

    Basically, I bought the Android because it's a WiFi phone, and the college campus where I work is all WiFied out.

    After signing the 2yr contract / installment plan, I discover the WiFi will NOT work on my campus, because the firmware does not provide WPA Enterprise WiFi support. Of course, my campus is all WPA Enterprise...not WEP or WPA Personal.

    Any chance I can upgrade the FW myself?

  19. Silvertag

    Silvertag Well-Known Member

    Not for now i believe.. there is some effort into having 2.0 on it.

  20. Palantir

    Palantir Newbie

  21. jscrimshaw

    jscrimshaw Newbie

    Looks like LG and Rogers may have forgotten about their Eve owners... Have not heard anything about the 1.6 update from anyone... Hey @RogersMary... Whats the hold up
  22. tony378

    tony378 Lurker

    It's summer now, isn't it? Where is the 1.6 update? LG jump to the 2.2 and forgot the 1.6?????
  23. britbloke

    britbloke Member

    LG has just officially released the Korean 1.6 update, so Rogers can't be too far behind.
  24. eskae

    eskae Lurker

    I wish they were taking this long only because they are working hard at releasing 2.0 or greater for the Lg EVE, instead of the 1.6 they announced. Twitter for Android won't even work on 1.6! Thumbs down.
  25. naschmid

    naschmid Newbie

    So, @RogersMary just informed me that LG has told them that they'll be receiving the update in Early September.

    Not happy about that one. Have asked whether this is going to be 1.6 or higher. Waiting to hear back from them.

    I do hope that if it's going to be that long that it's something higher than 1.6. Seems like a long time to wait for an upgrade IMO.

    By the way, first post on here. Have been reading with interest but never had reason to post until now.

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