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Rogers Official: It's HTCs fault, they won't make 1.6 for us.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by mjschmidt, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    As of today the official response from Rogers Canada is that _HTC_ are the ones who aren't supplying 1.6 for the Rogers HTC Magic and Dream.

    We know 1.6 works on these phones, so we doubt that HTC has unilaterally decided not to update them, chances are better it's Rogers who don't want to do it.

    Catch up on the action here: http://androidforums.com/rogers/10647-rogers-dream-1-6-update-11.html#post197520

    And if you were thinking about buying a Rogers HTC Magic or Dream, you will be stuck on 1.5. You will not get the benefits of having an OS above 1.5, nor will you be able to use any apps written for 1.5 or above.

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  2. El Blacksheep

    El Blacksheep Android Enthusiast

    Motorola makes the Droid, and it's running 2.0.1. What the hell does HTC have to do with putting 1.6 on it?
  3. ace862

    ace862 Newbie

    I think mjschimdt meant to say Dream instead of Droid.
  4. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I did mean Dream, my bad. I've edited that. I guess I was just daydreaming about having a phone that would actually have an updated Android OS on it. :-(
  5. kennyidaho

    kennyidaho Android Enthusiast

    Just stopping by to give my condolences to all my Canadian comrades who are stuck crappy providers and mega expensive data plans eh. Truely I am sorry aboot all of that.
  6. Forcefed

    Forcefed Newbie

    Its not that HTC doesnt want to give you 1.6. 1.6 is old, 2.0 is out already and 2.1 is also in the works and is ready to come out any day now. The reason they are not giving you 1.6 is because they want to bypass it and give you 2.1 right away.
  7. ace862

    ace862 Newbie

    That's not what HTC is saying.

  8. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It may be true that 1.6 is now also outdated, but considering it's been available for everyone else since the beginning of October, and Rogers didn't even seem to be aware of it till we started complaining at the end of November, chances are in general we are pretty screwed. Given the apps that only work on 1.6 or above, and the added functionality of 1.6, it would be nice even just to have 1.6, never mind 2.1!
  9. Macmee

    Macmee Lurker

  10. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    @Macmee: Yes, we all know about Cyanogen. Problem is, not everyone wants to (or is comfortable with) rooting their phone, especially since it won't be covered under warranty if it is bricked. Consider the "average" user.

    we shouldn't have to root to get this.
  11. rioja

    rioja Guest

    Right now Rogers is offering the Magic for 0.99 cents. I feel sorry for the people buying it because they don't realize there are already apps they can't run in the Market.

    Rogers should at least make people aware that they will not receive an update for it and what that means.
  12. kennyidaho

    kennyidaho Android Enthusiast

    Everyone else? Like who? The G1?
  13. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    @kennyidaho: For example, T-Mobile users in the US had 1.6 pushed to the OTA starting at the beginning of October.

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